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Extraordinarily Stunning Indoor & Outdoor Pre-Wedding Shoot Pictures for Your Inspiration


Tue Jul 28

Weddings in India are no ordinary weddings and even before the wedding rituals starts, a lot many other pre-wedding rituals take place. From the past few years, pre-wedding shoot pictures have become normal and eventually, changed the whole concept of Indian weddings. In previous times, marriages were fixed by families and the bride and groom hardly had the time to get to know each other. Well, not in today’s world. This era brings up a whole new concept to the arranged marriages in India. The bride and groom not only go on dates but also spend a hell lot of time together for their pre-wedding shoot. Well, a pre-wedding shoot is sure, the key to bringing some romance and intimacy into the lives of the new couple.

So, we bring you some of the most extraordinarily stunning indoor & outdoor pre-wedding shoot pictures for you. These gorgeous couple shoots would surely melt your hearts and fill them up with love. If you are a bride to be or a groom to be who cannot wait to click such romantic shots with the love of their life then, make sure to take all the inspiration from the pre-wedding shoot pictures below and snuggle up with your partner to feel the warmth of their love. Also, don’t forget to check out our list of some of the most amazing photographers for your pre-wedding shoot by clicking here.

  • A Uniquely Romantic Underwater Shoot

A quite unique and we would say, crazyyyy underwater pre-wedding shoot is taking our breath away. The intimacy of this pre-wedding picture is on another level. We absolutely loved this underwater pre-water shoot picture and you should surely take all the inspiration if you and your partner are a water baby too.

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  • Sprinkle Some Colourful Gulaal

Love to play Holi? Well, this pre-wedding shoot has got every reason to be here on this list. The colour of love sprinkled everywhere is definitely, pre-wedding shoot goals for any couple.

  • Entangled in The Lights of Love

If you are someone who loves the little lights shining in the dar then, this would be your ideal pre-wedding shoot inspiration. Covered in fairy lights with the love of your life could provide you with some of the most romantic and beautiful pre-wedding shoot pictures.

  • Cuteness Overloaded on Wheels

How much we love this cute and simple pre-wedding shoot picture is hard to tell. This cuteness overloaded couple is stealing our hearts with their adorable smile and eyes filled with love.

  • Bring on some Confetti to Your Indoor Shoot

Don’t want to go out for a pre-wedding shoot in the times of pandemic. Well, we have this gorgeous indoor pre-wedding shoot picture with all the confetti in the world.

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  • Falling in Love into The Woods

Love to spend an eternity amidst nature? Well, this pre-wedding shoot into the woods would surely, give you an experience of eternity in a short time. Check out the pre-wedding shoot picture below.

  • By the Shore With A Guitar and Some Candles

This one is a classic but nevertheless, classics are never getting old. A guitar in your hand and your partner sitting beside the shore surrounded by candles is exactly what you need on your pre-wedding shoot.

  • Snuggle Up in A Blanket at Home

Want to try out something indoors giving out cosy vibes? Well, this couple took over the internet with their cuddling pre-wedding shoot in a cosy blanket. Could it be more intimate?

  • That Spiderman Upside Down Kiss

We all cheered on the famous upside-down spiderman kiss. This pre-wedding shoot is not much different and we are already in awe of it.

  • Swinging in The Waves of Love

This is one of the most beautiful pre-wedding shoots we have ever seen by the beach. A gorgeous floral swing taking this couple deep into the waves of love.

  • Drenched in The Rains of Monsoon

Why not take some advantage of the monsoon season and get a monsoon pre-wedding shoot done? Well, this pre-wedding shoot is totally giving us Bollywood vibes from Shree 420 to Aashiqui 2. Check out the pictures below.

  • How About A Pre-Wedding Shoot for Foodies?

Lastly, we have something for the foodie couple. This everything about the food-themed pre-wedding shoot is exactly what you and your foodie partner need. A couple who eats together stays together also, gets fat together.

**All pictures belong to their respective owners. No copyright intended only for inspiration purposes.
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