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Fun-Filled Games for You and Your Partner to Play During This Lockdown #Quarantine101


Wed May 20

From the past few months, we have come across some new words like ‘quarantine’, ‘social-distancing’, ‘lockdown’, and the ultimate one ‘coronavirus’. These past few months were extremely crucial to delay the spread of this deadly virus and staying locked at our homes is the only way to stay protected from the virus. This lockdown has proven to bring the family members together and bond even stronger. We have also come across several new recipes and dishes to cook while in quarantine. If you wish to cook and pass your time then do check out our blog on recipes you should try out during this lockdown here 10 Must-Try Recipes You Should Cook During This Quarantine.

Well, if you are among those luckiest couples who get to spend their lockdown with each other then, this quarantine is a blessing in all the chaos for you. Couples who just got married, thanks to the lockdown, now have time to spend with their partner and bond with them. So, to make this lockdown even more special for the love birds we have got a list of romantic and fun games that you must play with your bae. Keep the boredom away while playing these fun and exciting games with your partner. Check out our list below.

Fun-Filled Games for You and Your Partner to Play During This Lockdown #Quarantine101

  • Scrabble it up

Make use of all the new words you learnt during this lockdown and have a fun scrabble contest with your partner. While playing scrabble is all informative, it can also be quite romantic to play with your partner. It’s up to you to choose the words correctly and turn a game of scrabbling to a romantic play date.

  • The trending Ludo

This lockdown has started a new trend with everyone playing ludo and sharing their winning screenshot over the social media accounts. Ludo is an all-time favourite board game especially, for Indians to bond and it can be your chance to bond with your better half with a game of ludo.


  • Never have I ever

Many YouTubers and even tv shows display this famous game being played by everyone. Well, never have I ever has been a truly fun game among the youngsters and if you are lucky enough to be quarantined with the love of your life then, it is a must-try game for you.

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  • Add some fun with Strip poker

If you are trying to add some romance to your love life but, unable to find a way to accomplish that then, a round of strip poker is all you need to revive your love life. Grab a deck of cards and challenge your partner for strip poker. It would be a fun and interesting way to spend your time, romancing with your bae.

  • Know more about your partner with 21 questions

If you are a new couple lucky enough to be locked inside your house during quarantine then, we have a perfect game just for you. Prepare a list of 21 questions and ask your partner to do the same. It’s an exciting and fun way to know more about your partner and if you are witty enough with your questions then, it may even help you to steam up your romance

  • Brain it up with Chess

We know it may sound boring to play chess with your bae but, trust us it will only get more and more interesting. A game of chess would not only help you storm up your brainpower but also help you in bonding with your partner.



  • Show your business skills with Monopoly

Monopoly is another all-time favourite board games among couples. It takes skills to manage the budget and no other way could be better than playing a game of monopoly to show off your budgeting skills in a fun way.

  • One word one answer

A game for everyone in which you need to say a word and your partner would share an instant thought about that word that came into their mind. It doesn’t need any preparation you just need to say a series of words and it gets interesting and exciting.

  • Dumb charades to show off your acting skills

Dumb charade is one of the most popular games to play while getting bored. You can show off your acting skills and knowledge in movies. There are many apps available on play store with variation in charades game. You are going to have a fun time with your partner playing charades for sure.


  • Balance it up with Block stacking game

Lastly, if you have the Jenga game then, it is a fun way to pass time with your partner during this quarantine. You can spice up your romance by playing a strip Jenga with your bae and have a fun time.

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