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Give Your Wedding Venue Business A Boost of Up To 5x By Following These Simple Tips


Tue Jun 30

Facing problem with your wedding venue business? Well, you are not alone as many wedding vendors are dealing with the same issue. The wedding industry has seen a drastic decline in the number of weddings this year affecting the wedding business. Not only the vendors but, the couples are most affected too. One of the most difficult things to find these days are wedding venues. Couples are desperately looking for wedding vendors online on SetMyWed. We have a huge database of wedding vendors who are getting new clients daily through our platform. You can also join our community by registering as a vendor and get new clients daily. Keep reading to know more.

Well, we have also got some handful of tips just for you. if you are looking for ways to upscale your wedding venue business then, this article is a must-read for you. Our tips would help you get your venue booked even in these difficult times. So, make sure to follow these simple and easy tasks to get your wedding venue business back on track. Find the list of tips below and give your business a quick boost.

  • Manage your calendar for high demands

Due to the lockdown and unavailability of the wedding venues, couples are looking furiously for wedding venues. This might be the best time to upscale your wedding venue business. During these times of high demands, you need to manage your calendar for better customer experience and manageability. So, if you are having trouble managing your calendar then, allow us to manage your calendar by registering your venue on SetMyWed.

  • Provide your clients with an online venue tour

One of the major issues with the ongoing pandemic is that no one can leave their house to visit the venue. So, to make sure your customer has a venue tour by sitting at their homes all you need to do is provide them with a virtual tour. It is extremely beneficial for your wedding venue business and would help you attract more customers.

  • Update your venue with better sanitization facilities

As we know, social distancing guidelines include proper sanitization as well. If your wedding venue is not upgraded with proper sanitization facilities then, now is the time for you to install them. You can install air sanitizing sprays or arrange the tables at a 6 feet distance from each other to assure your customer’s safety.

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  • Stay active on social media platforms

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn are the major source of marketing these days. People are selling all sorts of stuff on these platforms and engage millions of customers. So, this is your chance to increase your clientele by uploading daily on social media and attract more customers daily. You can also upload a short video of venue tour for your customers.

  • Bring on some interesting offers and deals

The major marketing scheme involves offers and discount coupons to increase the client base. So, why not use this amazing trick of providing your customers with offers and discounts that are impossible to ignore? Yes, all you need to do is bring on some unignorable deals and offers for your clients and upscale your wedding business. Don’t forget to advertise those offers on various social media platforms or you can simply get your wedding venue featured on India’s most loved wedding planning site, SetMyWed.

  • Get your in-house decorators and caterers to work

Many couples are planning to have a virtual wedding or a wedding in their homes. So, this can be a great chance for you to turn your wedding venue business to wedding décor and catering service. Bring on your in-house venue decorators and caterers to provide the couples with wedding décor and catering facilities for their intimate wedding. This would be a great way to give upscale the financial condition of your wedding business.

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  • Register your wedding venue on SetMyWed

If you are looking for an easier and all-in-one solution then, becoming a wedding vendor on SetMyWed is your best option. We provide our vendors with daily client registrations and many other facilities. We believe in lifting our wedding vendors during these hard times. So, get your wedding venue registered on SetMyWed and enjoy a boost of up to 5x.

Well, it is super easy to register as a vendor on SetMyWed. All you need to do is click here and fill your details. So, what are you waiting for? Become a professional wedding vendor at SetMyWed now and give your wedding photography business the ultimate boost.


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