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Gorgeous Floral Lehenga Designs for Your Intimate Day Wedding


Fri Aug 14

With the growing trend of day weddings, the demand for light-weight jewellery and lehenga in pastels have increased. People are choosing contemporary styled day weddings over traditional night weddings. Especially, during the pandemic, not many couples opted for a night wedding and rather chose to host an intimate day wedding. An intimate day wedding needs light yet gorgeous bridal outfit as well. So, we are here to help all the brides having a day wedding with their bridal lehenga. A list of gorgeous floral lehenga designs is all you need for inspiration.

Well, these floral lehenga designs are going to make you fall in love with floral prints. The trend of pastel floral lehengas are going viral from years. So, ditching that traditional red lehenga on your contemporary style intimate day wedding wouldn’t be so hard. Also, these lehengas are lightweight to keep you fresh even in the warmest weather on your intimate day wedding. We have got some of the freshest and stunning floral lehenga designs just for you. So, make sure to check out the complete article and take all the inspiration you need.

  • Add Sparkle to The Daylight

The latest collection of Sabya released for the most intimate weddings got this splendid floral lehenga in red. The shimmery red blouse with floral handwork on the skirt and dupatta is absolutely stunning. We loved the whole concept of lightweight lehengas for the modern Indian brides to wear on their intimate day wedding.

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  • A Vibrant Floral Lehenga in Tangerine

A day wedding is as vibrant as the shining sun. Well, we have got something in tangerine for the brides who love vibrant and bright colours. This beautiful floral lehenga in tangerine is all you need to add more brightness and shine to your intimate day wedding.

  • “Oh! So Beautiful” Lavender Floral Lehenga

Whenever we look at this gorgeous floral lehenga in lavender the only words that come out from our mouth is “Oh! So beautiful”.  Yes, you get that right, this floral lehenga design is all you need for your intimate day wedding inspiration. We are getting fairytale vibes from this lehenga and we are sure you would too. Check out the beautiful lehenga below.

  • Dance-In Floral Lehenga in Red

If all you are looking to do at your wedding is dancing then, this red lehenga with floral handprint is everything you should look for. A flare that would make sure to get you some of the best twirl shots with a lightweight design in which you can dance freely.

  • A Fusion of Modern and Ethnic in Ivory

Don’t want to lose the ethnicity of Indian bridal lehenga but, also want to keep it modern and stylish? Well, this lehenga in ivory is a perfect fusion of both modern and traditional wedding lehenga. A floral skirt with intricate handwork and a contemporary blouse makes this lehenga a fusion piece. Check out the image below for reference and inspiration.

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  • The Lightest Floral Lehenga

Want to keep your bridal outfit super subtle yet super stylish? Well, no worries as we have the perfect option for you. The most stylish and lightest floral lehenga in pastel green is everything you need for your intimate day wedding.

  • The Most Stunning Floral Lehenga in Red

One of the most stunning floral lehengas of all. This lehenga by Sabyasachi was worn by Deepika Padukon on her one of the many wedding receptions. An over the top floral lehenga in red is all you need to look for to add that much-needed glam to your intimate wedding.

  • A Floral Lehenga So Elegant

Not many floral lehengas are elegant but this woven lehenga in green is one of the most elegant floral lehengas we have ever seen. The lightweight fabric with subtle floral handprints makes this lehenga super elegant and classy.

  • Floral Dupatta On Brocade Lehenga

If you don’t wish to go full floral on your day wedding then, all you need is a floral dupatta on a brocade lehenga to add that subtle floral element to your day wedding bridal outfit.

  • Floral in Blue for Your Beach Wedding

Having a day wedding that too at the beach? Well, this marine blue lehenga with floral prints is everything a beach wedding outfit should look like.

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