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Heels That Would Go with Every Outfit You Should Add to Your Bridal Trousseau Now


Thu May 28

When it comes to Indian brides, shopping is never enough. There would be always one or two things that would still be missing even after intensive one-month shopping. Yes, we know it can be pretty hard on the brides to make sure that all the elements of their bridal attire remain unmissed. Well, we know the list is way too long and it is hard for you to keep the record. A bridal attire essential includes a beautiful lehenga, exquisite jewellery, and heels that shine. But, wearing the same pair of heels for all your wedding functions is not a great option.

So, to make sure that you keep a pair of heels for every outfit you wear on your wedding ceremonies we have a list just for you. If you are a bride who isn’t sure of what type of heel to wear with what outfit then, worry not as we have come to your rescue. This article includes a list of all the essential heels you need to add to your bridal trousseau to make sure you have a heel for every outfit. Don’t forget to check our list of bridal footwear for all your outfits below and start your footwear shopping now.

  • Glittery peep toes

The first heel that tops our list is a glamourous pair of peep-toes. A peep-toe heel is comfortable and supportive for your feet. These glittery peep toes would look incredible on every outfit you wear with bling on it. This type of heels would surely make you look tall and you can wear your favourite floor-length gowns with ease. Also, make sure to go for a heel length that is manageable for you to wear to avoid any discomfort.

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  • Champagne stilettos

Talking of heels and not adding the queen of all heels, the stilettos are a fashion crime we have no intentions to commit. A champagne pencil heel would add elegance and class to any outfit you wear. They look fabulous with indo-western or satin sarees. You can also opt for a mid-sized heel if you wish to prioritize your comfort over fashion. Champagne is a colour that is subtle and can be paired with any shade. These are a must add to your footwear collection and can be used as your go-to heels.

  • Quirky kolhapuris

Going desi with footwear is what the trend suggests and what could be better than kolhapuris to game-up your bridal fashion? Many customized footwear stores are offering the brides to be with so many options and varieties in kolhapuris with a touch of quirkiness to them. You can wear them on your haldi to keep up with the vibrancy of the ceremony and get some amazing haldi pictures too.

  • Ethnic jutis

One of the most beautiful and ethnic Indian footwear is a pair of jutis. Brides nowadays get so many varieties in beautiful jutis. A pair of beautiful ethnic jutis is a must-have for every bride to wear with Indian outfits like Patiala suits or sharara suits. You can wear them on jaguars or kirtan held before your wedding. These little details would help you take your style quotient to a new level and we are sure you will get some great pictures too.

  • Flat slide on

Well, you can’t always wear high heels and stilettos. Your feet need to be taken care of especially, a few days before your wedding and that’s when these customized slide one would come to your rescue. You can also wear a pair of slides on your mehndi to make sure you don’t have to be barefoot just because your mehndi would get. These are the easiest to wear and as soon as your feet mehndi dries up these flats would come handy.

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  • Comfy wedges

Whoever designed wedges are surely going to heaven as these are the ultimate bliss to our feet. Wedges are extremely comfortable to wear and you can dance in them too. Thanks to the designers, these wedges now come in beautiful designs made especially for the brides and so, wearing these comfortable wedges on your special day would keep your feet far away from pain and discomfort.

  • Stylish block heels

Block heels are the most stylish and chic heels that are also comfortable to wear. A pair of block heels are a must-have for any bride to pair with both western or ethnic outfits. Make sure to buy a blingy version of block heels to keep them versatile and gorgeous.

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