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Here’s How You Can Prepare a Sangeet Performance for Your Bae #Quarantinewalishaadi


Tue May 19


When we talk about Indian weddings, we instantly get images of people dancing their hearts out, dressed in some of the blingiest and traditional ethnics and of course a delicious wedding menu. Well, with the arrival of this global pandemic many couples had to either cancel their wedding or postpone it. This pandemic is proving to be hard on everyone especially, the couples who were planning to have a luxurious wedding in the year 2020. Every Indian wedding nowadays includes this extravagant ceremony called sangeet with some of the peppiest performances. Sangeet performances, not add energy to the ceremony but they are also important for both sides to get to know each other better and bond. Also, there isn’t any way better to express your love for your bae than a lovely sangeet performance.

With this global pandemic, we are now capable of using technology efficiently. To cope with the drastic effects of this pandemic on our economy, the internet is the only blessing we have. Many businesses and even schools are using platforms like Zoom or other video meeting software to carry out their day to day targets. Well, what if we tell you that now you can prepare virtually for your partner? Yes, you read that right, keep reading to know more.

Why do you need a sangeet for your small wedding?

With the new lockdown rules, a maximum of people 50 guests allowance wedding is bringing a smile back to the faces of all the disappointed couples. Indian weddings are known for the tremendous gatherings and guest list but, with the lockdown going on the government of India has allowed only 50 people gathering for the weddings during the pandemic. A small wedding like this could be slightly boring and it might take your dream of a big fat Indian wedding away. Well, by adding a tadka of small sangeet performances can lift the vibe of your wedding. It would not only add much-needed energy to your wedding but also helps you forget about all your wedding stress and anxiety. Let’s not forget that it is also your perfect chance to express your feelings for your bae with a beautiful solo performance and win over the hearts of all. So, make sure to add a sangeet ceremony to your lockdown wedding and make some beautiful memories.

Who would help you in the choreography?

When it comes to sangeet performances there is a small nok-jhok between the groom’s side and the bride’s side to win the ultimate dance face-off. Well, the dance-off refers to all the sangeet performances done by both the sides and the ones with most hooting wins. To have a rocking sangeet performance you need a great choreographer so, to help you out with the amazing sangeet choreography during this lockdown The Wedding Choreography by Aastha Arora has come up with a brilliant idea of virtual choreography classes.

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More about The Wedding Choreography by Aastha Arora

Aastha has an experience of more than 5 years in the field of concepts scripting, themes, and choreographing wedding sangeet, wedding anniversaries, and parties in an innovative style, which blends the storyline. They are capable of working according to the needs of their client and ensures complete client satisfaction. They focus on bringing out the best of even a non-dancer and making your sangeet night a memorable event with all your family members included.

How you can virtually prepare for the sangeet performances?

With the idea of preparing a dance performance by sitting at your home and following the social distancing norms, The Wedding Choreography by Aastha Arora has come up with an interesting idea of virtual sangeet choreography on some of the peppiest Bollywood numbers. This would not only help you practice with a recorded session but also keeps you from burning a hole in your pockets with choreography prices cut to half. Don’t forget to contact The Wedding Choreography by Aastha Arora for your sangeet.

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Why you need a personalized choreography?

A personalized choreography is much needed for a non-dancer as the choreographer would understand the needs of their customer and prepare the acts accordingly. Choosing a personalized choreographer for your #lockdownwalishaadi is what you need to make your sangeet and wedding memorable.

How to prepare for it?

All you need is a laptop with a good internet connection, the required software for the live session and some time to practice the choreography steps. You can leave the rest upon your personalized virtual choreographer, The Wedding Choreography by Aastha Arora to make sure your sangeet performance wins all the hearts.

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