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Here’s How You Can Stay Warm At Your Winter Wedding In Style


Thu Feb 11

Having a winter wedding is one of the most beautiful and dreamy weddings of all time. Well, with pros comes cons as well. When it comes to weddings, men have the advantage of staying covered up in clothes while the ladies suffer for fashion. Especially the bride, with her not so warm bridal outfit winter weddings can be quite rough. Well, we have a perfect solution for the brides to stay warm even during a chilly winter wedding in style. So, ladies don’t worry about sacrificing fashion over staying warm at a wedding in winters. All you need is to read our tips and tricks to stay warm at a winter wedding in the chicest ways possible.

Stay Warm At Your Winter Wedding In Style

All You Need Is A Beautiful Red Ethnic Jacket

Well, all you need is a stunning ethnic jacket in red to wear over your bridal outfit and it will keep your warm. Make sure to opt for a jacket with wide sleeves so, your choodha is intact. We have found some amazing ideas for you to take inspiration from. Check out the images below.

Latest Velvet Blouse Designs That Are Perfect for A Winter Wedding

How About A Pair of Customized Socks for The Bride?

Cold Feet is often used when it comes to weddings, but this time it is justifying its literal meaning. Well, if you are a bride-to-be who just cannot keep your feet warm during winters then, this is the must-have accessory for you. So, make sure to get yourself a cute pair of socks customised especially for the bride to stay warm at your winter wedding.

Add A Chic Fur Or Velvet Cloak to Your Bridal Outfit

Oh-So-Chic! Well, this is one of our favourite ways to stay warm at a cold night wedding during winters. A red cloak in fur or velvet would be perfect to keep you warm and give you that voguish look at your wedding. So, make sure to find yourself a chic cloak also, check out the images below for reference.

Caped Sleeves Are Super In These Days

How about caped sleeves for your blouse? Well, we are sure you must be aware of the popularity of caped sleeves among brides. Also, they keep your arms warm and give you an extraordinary look too. So, if you don’t want to opt for an extra accessory then, add cape sleeves to your bridal lehenga.

Opt for A Warm Fabric Lehenga

Well, this is one of the best ways to stay warm during a winter wedding without much effort. All you need is a bridal lehenga made of warm fabric like pashmina or velvet. This would surely keep you cosy even during the coldest nights in winters.

How About A Long Sleeved Blouse?

If you love to wear long-sleeved blouse then, this would be your perfect solution to stay warm at your winter wedding. We are sure you’d make one of the most gorgeous winter brides ever!

These Heavy Embroidered Dupattas will Make Your Bridal Outfit Extraordinary

Layer Up Your Bridal Outfit with Heavy Embroidered Dupatta

How about layering up your bridal outfit with heavily embroidered dupattas? Well, we have seen many brides opting for a gorgeous heavy dupatta with stunning embroidery work to layer her bridal outfit and look adorable. So, this would be a great hack to stay warm.

Add A Beautiful Shawl Or Stole to Snuggle!

Get yourself a pashmina or velvet shawl to keep you warm at the time of lava-pheras. Well, you wouldn’t feel the chills anymore. Check out the images below for inspiration

Pair Your Lehenga with A Velvet Dupatta to Keep You Warm

Just add a velvet dupatta to your bridal outfit and say goodbye to cold weather. This is a perfect winter wedding hack for every bride.

We Loved The Swagger Look of Leather Jacket

Lastly, we found this leather jacket trend super sassy and lit. Well, a bride with a leather jacket is not something you see very often. So, if you want that extraordinary look then, consider this option to stay warm in swag.

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