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Hindi And Punjabi Songs To Rock Your Wedding Dance


Mon May 20

Hindi And Punjabi Songs To Rock Your Wedding Dance

Any wedding is incomplete without songs, dance, and steps. We all want the best songs for our special day.  In all over India, everyone wants to rock up the dance floor with both Hindi and Punjabi songs. We feel that a wedding doesn’t complete without dancing for the whole night.

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Not only in North India, but Punjabi songs are also played on every DJ at every wedding, at every part of the country. And Hindi Bollywood songs are the compulsory songs for the DJ to play and make the audience dance. So let’s go with the lyrics and lemme suggest some of the best songs rock your Wedding dance floor.

Tu Laung Main Elaachi From Lukka Chuppi: Best hindi wedding song 

This song from the movie lukka chuppi has stolen every single heart and made everyone dance in its lyrics and music. It is the most trending song on Tiktok and Instagram. No one is missing any chance to dance on this song. This song is presented on Kriti Sanon and Kartik Aryan.

Viah By Jass Manak

Viah by Jass Manak has made every heart fall for it. The singer describes that how he is going to marry his girlfriend and how will their wedding happen and what all be the process of their wedding. He is also describing how he will have a grand and royal wedding like queen and king. And this song is not at all missed by anyone to show their dancing skills.

Dupatta By Deep Money

Dupatta, in this song the singer is telling about the seven colors of the dupatta carried by her crush. He also praises the girl’s beauty. And considers her to be the most beautiful girl on this planet who looks sexy in Indian salwar suit.

She Doesn’t Know By Millind Gaba 

This song is enacted and sing by Millind Gaba. The song presents that a girl who is extremely beautiful and every single boy loves her and is crazy about her is not at all aware of her fan following and people who like her. She is also unaware of her mesmerizing beauty. Which is praised by Millind Gaba and he also says that she even don’t know this that except everyone he is also crazy and mad about her.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai By Neha Kakkar And Tony Kakkar

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai song is all about school time love stories. Having a crush on someone. And falling for each other. This song presents that when the boy holds her girl’s hand he feels something unknown to him. This is a couple of oriented songs. This song is sing by the most happening pair of brother and sister. That is Neha Kakkar And Tony Kakkar. They both have embraced the song with their voice and has enacted in it.

Nachde Ne Sare From Baar Baar Dekho

This song shows that how everyone is dancing and enjoying and therefore this is the perfect wedding dance song. This song is taken from Baar Baar Dekho movie. And is enacted by Katrina Kaif and Siddhartha Malhotra. They both are enjoying and dancing in this song. And indeed this is one of the best Hindi wedding songs for all lattke jhattke lovers!!

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Hook Up Song From Student Of The Year 2

This song is enacted by Tiger Shroff and Alia Bhatt. They both are dancing in this song. The song says that the boy is asking for girl’s phone number and she is giving him her number and saying if you are lucky we can have to hook up.

Slow Motion From Bharat

This song enacted by the most perfect Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. The boy is saying that come to me I will sink in the ocean of your eyes in slow motion. The song is taken from the upcoming movie Bharat that is releasing on EID 2019.

Chamma Chamma From Fraud Saiyaan

This song is sing by Neha Kakkar. The sizzling dance performance is given Elli Avram. She has won every with her killer dance moves. The song is describing how anklets make noise. And this song is taken from fraud Saiyan movie. Indeed this is one of the best Hindi wedding songs to dance on!!!

She Move It Like By Badshaah

This song is sing and acted by Badshah. This song describes how girls move. And how beautiful they look while moving or dancing. The singer is praising and acknowledging girls for their movement.

So let’s not wait. Let’s play these songs and rock the wedding dance floor. Both Hindi and Punjabi wedding songs will let all your guests to at least dance once.

Let’s also not forget the great and popular Indian Nagin dance at your wedding.

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