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#HoliBeautyHacks: 10 Beauty Hacks to Protect Skin And Hair This Holi


Wed Mar 24

Happy holi to the dearest readers, today we are going to share some very helpful Beauty Hacks to Protect Skin And Hair This Holi for you. Well, Holi is one of the most fun and happening festivals but the toxic chemicals in gulaal would harm your skin and hair. So, this Holi festival do make sure to follow these super helpful Beauty Hacks to Protect Skin And Hair This Holi. Also, don’t forget to play with herbal colours to further decrease the drastic effects of toxic chemicals on your skin. So, what are you waiting for? Make sure to check out our effective and helpful Beauty Hacks to Protect Skin And Hair This Holi with ease.

Hacks to Protect Skin And Hair from Toxic Holi Colours

Apply A Generous Amount of Oil of Your Choice In Your Hair

Well, everyone knows this hack but we are here to remind you of it. All you need is a nourishing oil preferably, coconut oil, to keep your hair protected from harmful colours. So, make sure to apply a generous amount of oil and massage it onto your hair before going out to play Holi.

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Make Sure to Keep Your Hair Tied Into Braids Or A Bun

One of the most important Hacks to Protect Skin And Hair on Holi is by keeping your hair well tied in a braid or bun. By doing so, you would minimise the area for Holi colours to stick on your hair hence, protecting them from the chemicals.

Put On Some Fully Covering Clothes

Well, the easiest hack to protect your skin this Holi is by wearing something in full sleeves and cover as much of your body with clothes as you can. This hack always helps in protecting your body from chemical and toxic colours. Pro tip: wear a Kurti and denim for the happening Holi look.

Well, Don’t Forget to Apply Body Butter to Your Entire Body

Do NOT forget to apply a good amount of body lotion or body butter to make sure the colour doesn’t stick to your skin. A good amount of body butter ensures you can easily remove the colour from the skin and protect it from the toxic Holi colours.

Your Nails Need The Protection Too, Apply A Nail Paint of Your Choice

Well, don’t miss out on protecting your nail from the Holi colour stains. So, do make sure to apply your favourite nail colour and hence, protect your nails in style.

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Also, Don’t Forget to Apply A Higher SPF Sunscreen

No matter the occasion, SPF is always important for you to wear every day. A good SPF sunscreen would make sure your body stays protected from tanning and Holi colour stains. So, make sure to add sunscreen to your checklist of Beauty Hacks to Protect Skin And Hair this Holi.

Wear A Stylish Pair of Shades to Protect Your Eyes As Well

Well, you wouldn’t want the toxins and chemicals to come even near your eyes. So, make sure to wear a pair of sunglasses to keep your eyes protected from holi colours and toxins.

Wear A Moisturising Lip Gloss Or Balm to Keep Your Lips Safe

Keeping your lips safe is also important and so, make sure you add a moisutirisng lip balm or gloss to your checklist . This would ensure the toxic stains of holi colours would not stick to your lips and would come off easily.

Keep A Pre-Prepared Mixture of Ubtan to Apply Later

Well, to make sure you skin gets back the glow, keep a pre-prepared ubtan mix or a face pack to apply after Holi celebration. This would restore your skin’s radiance and natural oils.

Use A DIY Scrub with Lemon, Milk & Dried Bread (It Works!)

Lastly, try using a mix of milk, lemon and dried bread to scrub your face if the stubborn stains of Holi colour doesn’t come off. Try this mix, it actually works.

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