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Hottest Engagement Ring Designs for Women 2023 – Must Check Out!!


Sat Dec 17

Hottest Engagement Ring Designs for Women 2023

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Engagement Ring Designs for Women 2023)

Jewellery are the women’s best friend. And the trends of jewellery designs change every year. And when it comes to the engagement ring, the women have a precise taste and choice for it. After all, it is going to be there on their finger for the whole life time. So, why shouldn’t the ring be perfect?!

Well, in that case, we are here – curating the best of engagement ring designs for women (2023). Each of these rings are beautifully carved and handcrafted to make her say ‘yes’. It will make her fall in love even more and will melt her heart in seconds.

Here are the hottest and trending Engagement Ring Designs for Women 2023!!

1. The Bridal Set

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Engagement Ring Designs for Women 2023)

The bridal engagement ring sets have been trending for a while now and it is very evident that they have made a place in every woman’s heart. The bridal engagement ring sets are not only unique, but they are elegant, stylish and chic at the same time.

The bridal rings, although are modern, hold a very deep meaning to them. The main engagement ring represents the promise of getting married and being together. The second ring to the stack represents the union of the couple and the integrity of that union.

The third ring to the stack is added when a large milestone is achieved by the couple, like – wedding anniversary or the birth of their first child.

2. Halo Engagement Rings

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Engagement Ring Designs for Women 2023)

Halo rings are the setting of a cluster of small stones, typically diamonds, the encircle the large stone in the center. There are various types of halo engagement rings such as single halo, double halo, triple halo, metal frame halo, floating halo, and many more.

The halo rings can be traced back to the early Georgian era, when they were called cluster rings. Halo engagement rings are the highly trending today and are the hottest choice for engagement rings.

These rings can make a beautiful family heirloom too and are absolutely timeless. The popularity of the Halo Engagement Rings’ is gradually increasing among the masses.

3. The Gemstones

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Engagement Ring Designs for Women 2023)

Gemstones have gained much popularity as engagement rings, recently. The common gemstone choices for engagement rings are Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire. Aquamarine, Moissanite and Morganite gem stones are gaining popularity too and make a great choice to be added for the engagement rings.

But, choosing a gemstone ring is very different than that of choosing a diamond ring for engagement. Choosing a gemstone engagement ring would require you to consult a professional who has prior knowledge about gemstones, and then you can go on with the designing of the engagement ring.

4. The Solitaires

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Engagement Ring Designs for Women 2023)

Solitaires are timeless and forever elegant. It adds up to the beauty of the design of your engagement ring. It adds up to the beauty of your whole ensemble. Solitaire rings are very versatile and these are often used to create a bridal engagement ring set, the solitaire ring being the main engagement ring of the stack.

A solitaire engagement ring is minimal, simple and elegant at the same time, which is why it the best option to opt for as the classic engagement ring!

5. The Cathedral Setting

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Engagement Ring Designs for Women 2023)

The cathedral setting rings are quite popular and very trendy because of its unique and sleek style. It is carved beautifully and the arches of the ring is very similar to that of the ancient cathedrals. It gives out a very vintage feel as an engagement ring; because of which it is eye-catching and very aesthetic!

The special thing about the cathedral setting engagement ring is that it has elevated setting which lifts the diamond and makes it look bigger and brighter too. The best part about this ring is that any kind of diamond cut would look extremely beautiful and stunning in it.

6. Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Engagement Ring Designs for Women 2023)

The pear-shaped engagement rings are having a major come back, and why should it not? They are sophisticated, feminine, elegant, eye-catching and very chic. These beautiful engagement rings are not only timeless, but at also going to be the major reason for you to be flattered!

These sparkling stones make a statement. These are also called tear-drop engagement rings as the stone shape resembles to that of a tear drop. These rings are available both in solitaire and halo settings, giving you the choices to choose from. It is said that this unique design represents the tears of happiness and joy and so, this makes a very special and unique engagement ring design.

No wonder, this engagement ring design is trending for 2023!

7. The Emeralds

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Engagement Ring Designs for Women 2023)

As we spoke about the gemstone engagement rings, there is one gemstone that is very popular as an engagement ring – The Emerald Engagement Rings! The emerald engagement ring is latest in trend and in the world of jewellery too. If you are not a fan of gemstones, you still can get these emerald engagement rings as the diamond too are available in emerald color to make a beautiful and elegant engagement ring.

Colored diamonds are very rare but this particular colored-diamond has gained a lot of popularity due to its versatility and elegance. The emerald engagement rings go well with every kind of metal color, be it gold, platinum or rose-gold! The best thing about the emerald engagement ring is that it is rare, flattery and looks dynamic if it is in the halo setting.


Engagement rings and the designs are quite important, may it be for the bride or the groom. So, it is very important that you must be precise about the design and the kind of stones or metal that you would want for your engagement ring. After all, you would want it to be perfect!

Disclaimer: All Images used are subject to entertainment purpose and we hold no rights on them.

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