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How to Amp Up Your Wedding Planning Business During the Ongoing Pandemic


Mon Jun 29

You must be thinking if there is any way you can get your wedding planning business back on track during these absurd times. Well yes, there are a number of things you can do to make sure your business is not affected by the ongoing pandemic. As we know, coronavirus has taken over the earth and it is not going to stop until a vaccine is found. So, there is no point stopping the growth of your business as it can have quite brutal effects on your financial condition.

Also, these are the times when couples are furiously looking all over the internet to find the wedding vendors. Well, we have a platform ready for them with all the verified vendors. These vendors gave a boost to their wedding business by 5x just by enrolling with us. You can do that too to cope up with the brutal effects of this pandemic. In addition to it, we have a number of tips for you to make sure you get all the help you need during these hard times. We are in this together and therefore, this article would be your guide to keep your wedding planning business on track. So, make sure to read the whole article and follow these simple steps to give your wedding planning business a boost of up to 5x.

  • Turn your wedding planning business to wedding consultancy

As we know, the government of India has implied certain rules on mass gathering or organising any family event. This has left the couples with several questions and issues. Being a wedding planner, it is your responsibility to help those couples and turn your wedding planning business to wedding consultancy. This would not only help the couples to get the much-needed answers to their queries but, it would also help you get more customers.

  • Help your customers with the venue

A lot of couples are having a problem finding a suitable venue to host their wedding. Some banquets are turned into quarantined centres and getting a venue for the wedding is nearly impossible. You can help your clients by simply providing them with a list of venues available in their location and according to their budget. This would be a great way of keeping your wedding planning business on track.


  • Great time for destination wedding planners

Destination weddings are all about small gathering and more fun. This pandemic is a problem turned into an opportunity for wedding planners who are specialised in destination weddings. Indian weddings are all about mass gathering and the new rules are completely opposite to it. A 50 members intimate wedding is perfect to be turned to a destination wedding. So, this is your time to show your wedding planning skills and provide your client with a hassle-free destination wedding experience. Guess what? They are going to recommend you to everyone bringing more clients.


  • Build your clientele during intimate gatherings

Intimate weddings are great to build your network. You can engage with the family members and help them with their needs. This is surely a masterstroke move to increase your client network.


  • Keep some innovative intimate wedding plans ready

Couples need a well-planned intimate wedding during these times. Nothing can go wrong as it can spread the virus and ruin the celebration. It is highly recommended to keep all the safety measures and well, that’s when you will be needed. So, all you need is to prepare some presentations and ideas for an intimate wedding for your clients.


  • Have a team of wedding vendors ready

Having a team of wedding vendors is necessary for every wedding planner. From decorators to caterers, every vendor should be perfect in their job. Especially, during this pandemic, having a team of wedding vendors is all you need. You need to make sure that all the safety measures are being taken by your vendors. Every couple is looking for an all-in-one package and you can provide them with the same by having a team of professional wedding vendors ready. If you don’t have a team of vendors yet then, worry not as we have a list of wedding professionals ready for you.

  • Simply become a verified wedding planner on SetMyWed

Lastly, you can get an all-in-one solution to your wedding planning business by enrolling with us. SetMyWed is India’s most loved wedding planning site and you can become a part of our team as a wedding professional. All you need is to register yourself as a vendor on SetMyWed and voila! Your wedding planning business gets a boost of up to 5x with new clients daily. So, why wait? Click on the link below and become a certified wedding planner on SetMyWed now.

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