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How To Plan Your Bachelorette During This Lockdown To Spend Those Precious Moments With Your Bff


Tue May 26

We all miss our besties for life during the ongoing pandemic and lockdown. Life before coronavirus was all about trying and visiting new cafés and lots of shopping. Well, we know you miss your best friends too, just like half of the world right now. Every girl dreams about their best friend’s wedding and the fun they would have on the bachelorette party and sleepovers. This pandemic has been hard on everyone especially the brides planning to get married in 2020. We are not sure about how long this virus is going to affect our daily life but, one thing is for sure, we are not going to let our beautiful brides suffer.

If your best friend is planning to get married during this lockdown and have an intimate wedding ceremony then, we have some extremely special ideas for a fun bachelorette party to throw for you bestie. You surely cannot let your BFF get married without a fun bachelorette so, here’s how you can organize a virtual bachelor party for your pal. You would not only beat the virus by following all the rules but, it would also be so much fun for the bride to be to have a bachelorette party with all her closest friends during these depressing times. Make sure to read the whole article for more information.

  • Send out the e-vites, be creative

The very first thing you need to do to host a virtual bachelorette party for your soon bride to be bestie is to send the invites, virtually of course. Make sure to make a list of all the friends closest to your bride to be, best friend. now, be creative and download some cool events apps to send out and invite your guests to the bachelorette party.

  • Pick a suitable platform

Well, just as you pick one of the coolest clubs or bars to throw a fun bachelorette to your BFF, you need to select a cool platform with required features to host a crazy virtual bachelorette party for your bride to be bestie. You can choose among various platforms with amazing connections and group video call feature. Don’t forget to add the platform link to your e-vites.

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  • Don’t miss out on picking up a theme

Every fun bachelorette party includes a crazy theme to add a twist to the bachelorette party. Similarly, you need to pick a theme that is relatable to your best friend and is super fun as well. Ask your guests to dress up according to the theme and you are all set to host a virtual bachelorette party for your best friend forever!

  • Plan some games for a fun bachelorette

How can you forget to add some crazy games to the party? Well, if you forgot about it then, worry not as we have got you covered. Make a list of all the fun games you can play virtually with your group of friends and don’t forget to include shots to your games.

  • Don’t forget to dress-up beauties

A fun bachelorette is incomplete without girls being all glammed up and dressed up so, make sure to ask your girlies to put on some makeup and pick their party dresses for the occasion. You can also plan a twinning bachelorette party where everyone wears matching outfits.

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  • Plan a surprise for your girl

A virtual bachelorette party can get boring after some time and to add a little fun to it you need to plan a surprise appearance of the groom or any other special surprise for your bestie.

  • Let the music play

Any party without music is just people dressed up and eating snacks. So, make sure to create a fun bachelorette playlist and play some music on full volume and dance like crazy.

  • Hit the booze

A fun bachelorette party is even better with booze and so, you need to add some liquor and shots to your virtual bachelorette.

  • Prepare some emotional speeches for your dearest bestie

Lastly, you need to ask your guests to prepare an emotional speech for the bride to be to make this virtual bachelorette party even more memorable for her. It will not only make the bride feel special but would also strengthen your bond with your BFF.

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