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How To Plan Your Perfect Wedding During The Lock down: #Quarantine tips 101


Mon Apr 13

When we talk about uncertain times, this pandemic is surely the most uncertain of all times. Corona virus is not just the biggest enemy for the economy at this time but, it is proving to be more dangerous and threatening for weddings of 2020. We are certain you are not finding your “khadoos rishtedars” much annoying now as COVID-19 is breaking all records of being the most annoying and uninvited guest of all times. Well, we hope you are following the instructions and taking all the measures to make sure you keep yourself and others protected.

It can be pretty disturbing for the couples who were planning to get married in March or April of 2020. So, to cope up with that stress, we have an idea just for you. For all the brides out there, here’s a silver lining, you get to spend some precious moments with your family before marriage and not just that, with all the chaos going on, you can now make a checklist for all your wedding needs without having to rush anything. Well, if this idea interests you then, make sure to read our whole articles and plan your wedding without stepping a foot out of your house.

Make a wedding checklist

Weddings in India involves a lot of planning and preparation to make sure that everything is done in a correct manner. We respect all the traditions and rituals and so, with this many ceremonies a wedding checklist is a must to ensure that you are not missing out anything. So, during this quarantine period make sure to prepare your wedding checklist and forget all your worries about missing on anything.

Check out the ongoing trends

These days are you get a lot of free time from your busy schedule that you were praying to get earlier. So, make the most of this time and do the things that you were not able to do like checking out the latest fashion trends for your wedding outfit or checking out the ongoing makeup or accessories trends. It is essential for a bride to stay in fashion to achieve that chic look and you have got plenty of time to make sure of that.

Select your vendors online from Set My Wed

During this time thank god we have the blessing that is technology and we are making sure you use it correctly. These days, everything is online and some people even marry online but we are definitely not suggesting that to you. You can checkout our website and book vendors from our huge list of wedding vendors in various profile for your marriage and enjoy a hassle free service at the time of your wedding.

Pick the best decors for your wedding functions

If you haven’t already finalized the decor ideas for your functions then, this is the perfect time for that. Make sure you involve your decorators while selecting the decor and theme for your wedding so that they are prepared with the required materials and decor items.

Send your guests delayed wedding templates

Anyone would be disheartened with the news of weddings being postponed but, cherish the time with family and enjoy the bachelorhood for a little longer. Till then don’t forget to inform the guests about the wedding being postponed and well, do that in style. Pick a perfect Wedding Postpone Template and inform everyone in a unique way.


Workout to get that perfect body

If you desired that perfect figure before your special day but there wasn’t much time, this quarantine is a blessing for you. Get your playlist ready with all the amazing YouTube tutorials workout plans that you can follow at home and get ready for your day.

Take care of your skin

It is the best time to take care of your body and skin. Brides especially, need to make sure that their skin is glowing and radiant before their wedding day. Well, throw in those home remedies and get that radiant skin before your special day.

Dance practice for the ultimate sangeet performance

Lastly, you can utilize this time to practice those perfect moves for your sangeet and dazzle everyone. The best part is that nobody would make excuses about being busy because its not an option anymore. So, practice those moves and rock your sangeet night.


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