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Keep Your Stress at Bay While Planning Your Wedding by Doing These Easy Tasks


Fri Jun 12

Wedding planning during this pandemic can be way more stressing than it looks. With the ongoing pandemic, the whole world is not trying to adapt to this new world with coronavirus. The experts are no longer giving us false hopes and say that the deadly virus is here to stay. So, it is better to adapt to the new world rather than wait for everything to get normal again. Many weddings that were to be held in the busiest months of April and got delayed due to this pandemic. Well, as the virus is here to stay, you might as well start planning your wedding with the new rules.

It can be a difficult task to plan your wedding in this chaos and the same can be a reason for your stress and anxiety. Indian weddings were already so complicated with all the rituals and traditions. Now, this virus is making them even more complicated. We know how stressing it can be for you while planning your wedding keeping in mind all the social distancing norms. So, to make sure you are happy and stress-free on your special day we have some easy tasks to keep your tension away. Make sure to read our complete article to know more.

  • Music therapy

A music lover would understand what we meant with music therapy. Music is a scientifically proven way of calming your nerves. When you listen to music you like, it releases happy vibes from your body and thus, making you stress-free. So, whenever you feel that wedding planning stress overwhelming, take out your headphones and play your favourite music.

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  • Dance your stress away

Dancing always helps in relieving stress and anxiety. In addition to it, dancing helps you stay active and helps in weight management too. Whenever you keep your mind stressed over planning your wedding or managing everything it can be pretty overwhelming. So, take out some time from your busy and stressed scheduled to dance on some of the peppiest item numbers of Bollywood. We assure you it is going to be super fun and de-stressing for you.

  • Cook or bake something

Getting yourself indulged in activities like cooking and baking especially, produce a happy, mood-enhancing chemical in the brain. It gives you a sense of satisfaction and relieves your stress. Baking is one of the best ways to kick out your wedding planning stress immediately. In addition to it, you get to eat those warm baked goods which are extremely comforting and relieving.

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  • Clean something

If you are someone who wants to manage everything and keep everything in control then, cleaning is your favourite destressing hobby. Even if you are not dealing with OCD and in need of a break from your wedding planning, you can simply start cleaning your stuff. You can choose to clean your makeup brushes, or your room or anything you like. It gives your brain more time to think and destresses you with a sense of accomplishment.

  • Plan a facial session at home

How about a DIY spa at home? Well, yes you can destress in many ways and this is just the best of them. As we know, this pandemic is a major reason for everyone’s stress and leaving your home is just a big no. So, we have come up with a better option for you. If you are stressed out planning your wedding then, throw in those kitchen ingredients and make a face mask out of it. this skin therapy session would be super relaxing and would also make your skin glow.

  • Talk to your BFF

When in stress just call your BFF. Well, we are suggesting you this same formula to make your wedding planning stress go away instantly. Pick your phone and make a call to your best friend.


  • Mediate or install a mindfulness app

Whenever we talk about stress, meditation is the instant solution to it. Wedding planning can be awfully stressful and to make sure your mental health is in good condition you need to meditate every day. You can also install some mindfulness apps with AI bots and relieving music. They come handy when you start to meditate on a regular basis.

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