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Latest Mangalsutra Design (An Auspicious Thread)- Set My Wed


Fri Jun 24

Mangalsutra literally means ‘an auspicious thread’. It is a notable ornament for Hindu brides and is representative of their marital status. The groom ties this propitious thread around the bride’s neck during the customs on the wedding day. Tying this thread binds the couple into an auspicious bond of marriage. The wife is supposed to wear this blessed thread as a sign of marriage. But well, apart from the traditional significance that it holds, the mangalsutra is also a statement jewel for new-age brides to make a strong statement.


Bride Mangalsutra

Mostly recognised with the black and golden beads, a traditional mangalsutra has two strings of black beads held together with a pendant. But with the advancing designer expertise, there is a lot of variety for brides when it comes to mangalsutra designs. Right from the scope of personalization, to trendy diamond-studded designs or the traditional gold mangalsutra designs – there is a lot to choose from. The length is another aspect that lends versatility to the mangalsutra designs.

long Mangalsutra

Today we came up with a gold mangalsutra design.

Double pendant mangalsutra 

south indian Mangalsutra

This double pendant mangalsutra looks really very beautiful and traditional too. The carving of floral patterns in between both the pendant and ruby enhances its look. You can definitely get attention by wearing this really amazing piece.

The charisma of leafy design mangalsutra 

beautiful Mangalsutra

This gold mangalsutra looks very simple and unique too. You can also style it on a daily basis. The gold detailing in the middle of the black beaded chain enhances its look. You can definitely catch everyone’s attention by wearing this mangalsutra.

Rectangular locket design mangalsutra with heavy chain


The slightly rectangular-shaped locket of this mangalsutra is eye-catching. The use of Emerald and Ruby stone is also seen in this design. The side chains are beautifully made and look like jewellery. It can also play a good role in making your overall attire gorgeous.

Semi-circle design mangalsutra 

Pretty Mangalsutra

This gold-plated mangalsutra with green stones on it really really looks so beautiful and elegant.  The majanta-coloured stones with pearl detailing make it perfect for any occasion.

Infinity sign mangalsutra 


Soul mates don’t leave when things get worse . They stay and make things work.

This infinity sign mangalsutra with diamonds on it really looks very eternal . This mangalsutra symbolises the eternity of your relationship.

Flower power


Only gold can hold a diamond. A husband and wife’s relationship is similar in that they both support each other during difficult times. This mangalsutra has two beautiful flowers on it. One of gold and the other of the diamond enhances its look and makes it very elegant.

leafy pendant mangalsutra 


This leaf pendant mangalsutra with diamond work on it looks really awesome.  It’s simple but very elegant too. You can style it on a regular basis and at parties too.

Initial letter mangalsutra 

Name Mangalsutra

Engraving the initials of you and your partner into a thin chain and combining them with sacred black beads can be a masterpiece.

This gold-plated mangalsutra with floral carving really looks so pretty, and look at those birds; they look so beautiful and unique too.

v- shaped pendant mangalsutra 


This double-layer mangalsutra with a golden V-shaped pendant looks very sophisticated and traditional too. It definitely catches everyone’s eyes on you.

Half moon-shaped pendant

Mangalsutra with Bangles

Many love poems are written by men, whereas women are compared to the beauty of the moon. The shining glance of the celestial object is reflected on this chain. This gorgeous creation can surely impress anyone who even has a slight peek at it. The matching studs will definitely adorn you.

Doble layer mangalsutra 

Diamond Mangalsutra

They always say that it takes one drop of water to become an ocean one day. A small pinch of this diamond stone can be the start of a rich and blissful married phase. In addition, they are minimal to even look at and convey the perfect amount of traditionalism.

Diamond pendant mangalsutra 


Just look at this. Isn’t it just so amazing?  This diamond pendant with a gold-plated mangalsutra looks so amazing and sophisticated too. The fine detailing on it really makes it look amazing.

Plethora of flowers 


This floral pendant mangalsutra really looks very classic and beautiful. It’s a very unique design. The golden embellishment on the chain of the mangalsutra enhances it’s look.

One of the maximalist bride

Gold Mangalsutra

We know, that not all of you are lovers of minimalism! So, here we bring you a rather opulent mangalsutra design. This golden mangalsutra with colourful detailing on it really looks so beautiful and the fine carving adores it more.

Not so usual mangalsutra 


This coin detailing mangalsutra really looks so beautiful and elegant.  The pink colour stones add glam to this gold mangalsutra. It gives a very unique and traditional vibe.

All these are beautifully designed mangalsutras.  We hope it will help you to choose the right mangalsutra for yourself.

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Image source: Pinterest

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