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Latest wedding trends every couple should know about

Ridhi Ridhi

Tue Dec 10

These days weddings are not that simple and typical like they used to be back in the day. Nowadays it’s not only about getting the wedding done, but it’s also about showing your personality in it. Couples are going for offbeat trends and ideas to make their wedding super special and memorable. So let’s know about the latest wedding trends which every couple should know!!!

You all see the Instagram posts of celebrities and influencers getting married elegantly. And who doesn’t want to have that out of the box wedding right? So, we have come up with some super fun and latest trends you need to know about and include in your wedding right away. Let’s get into it.

1. Pastel-colored lehengas:

Latest wedding trends

Instead of going for the bright and red lehengas, our new brides are rather going for muted and pastel-colored lehengas. This kind of color not only makes you look prettier but it adds up the elegance in your outfit that will leave everyone in awe. Going for pastel colors will give that extra definition to your wedding.

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2. Personalized sherwani:

Slaying the outfit is not only a bride’s game. Grooms sometimes can do wonders to their outfits just by adding some little details. And one of them is making a personalized sherwani. This thing has become really trendy lately. Adding initials of groom and bride on the sherwani will not only make it look beautiful but will give you that personal touch you seek in your wedding. 

3. Colour co-ordinated outfits for bridesmaids:

Latest wedding trends

Bridesmaids are the highlight of the wedding after the bride and the groom. So, to make it more fun and pretty, you can customize some color co-ordinated outfits with the bride. This will look super nice when you will be walking or sitting alongside the bride. Plus how can we forget those beautiful photos right? 

Latest wedding trends

4. Eco-friendly favors:

Latest wedding trends

In this era, when pollution is increasing and climate change is real, it’s important to think about environmental in every step we take. Including some eco-friendly gestures or favors will leave an impact on the environment and your guests too. You can give them some plants, seed cards, and many other eco-friendly gifts. Your guests will remember these favors for a long long time.

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5. Rustic themed decor:

Latest wedding trends

Going minimal is a new trend. Adding some rustic touches at your wedding will give it a whole lot of elegance and beauty. The rustic-themed decor will make your wedding venue a memorable place for you and your guests. Adding some real wood, wildflowers, old school decor will make it more personal and pretty.

6. Statement cake:

Latest wedding trends

The cake is a very important thing at your wedding. So why go for some old-fashioned typical cake? Having a statement cake will put a cherry on the cake (like literally). Go for some amazing design that tells your story to the audience at your wedding. This will amaze everyone.

  These are some of the best and latest wedding trends that every couple should know about!!!

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All Image Source: Pinterest

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