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How You Can Select Your Dream Wedding Venue In 7 Simple Steps


Wed Apr 22

A big fat Indian wedding includes a grand menu, elegant jewelry, and clothes and a luxurious wedding venue with extravagant décors. Well, we certainly know how important it is to choose the correct wedding venue to make your wedding a successful event. A wedding venue includes many things that are to be focused on before finalizing it for your special day. You have to keep in mind several things before choosing your dream wedding venue and that could be a hard task for you to get right.  Every girl has an image in their mind of a place where they wish to say their wedding vows.

So, to make sure you select the venue of your dreams we are here at your assistance. You will get many options in your city but, choosing the best one of those options is the key to your dream wedding destination. Well, if you are done finding on the web the best place to get married then, make sure to read our article as it will be of great help to you. As the title suggests, we are here to help you select the best wedding venue in 7 simple steps. Make sure to read our complete article and book your wedding venue without any doubt.


Budgeting is the key

The first and foremost step involved in choosing your dream wedding venue is to finalize a budget first. It is so important that it can’t be skipped. We all form a habit of keeping an account of expenses and so, the expense of a wedding venue demands budgeting the most. You need to keep in mind the cost of catering and decorators along with the rent of the venue. So, before moving to the next step make sure to create a budget first.

Destination vs hometown wedding

The next step involves in deciding the location for your wedding venue. Yes, as we know, destination weddings are extremely popular these days and everyone wants to get married in some exotic location. Well, not all can afford the expenses and some are too attached to their hometown that getting married in another city is not what they want. So, decide what you want and then look for a wedding location.

Theme of your wedding

Every wedding nowadays have some sort of theme to make it more fun and extravagant. Themes are the soul of a wedding and so, before picking a wedding venue you must take into consideration whether the venue is appropriate for your wedding theme or not. This would help you save on the extra cost that you might need to put in making changes to your venue for your theme.

Banquet or farmhouse

The big question is whether you want an indoor or an outdoor wedding. If you are looking for a wedding venue where you can add your caterers and decorations then, an outdoor wedding venue would be perfect for you and if you want an indoor space where the catering and décor are the responsibility of the management then, a banquet wedding is your perfect option. Also, make sure to keep in mind the monsoon season before selecting an outdoor wedding venue to avoid any unwanted situation.

Ease of access to the venue

The next step you must consider is the ease of access to the wedding venue. It is important that you consider the ease of your guests and to make sure of it you must select a venue that is easily accessible to your guests. A venue with immense traffic can be the reason for the delay and we are sure you don’t want that.

Number of guests attending the wedding

You also need to consider the space you require for your wedding guests to enjoy a comfortable evening. A congested space can be really discomforting for your guests and weddings are for celebration not for discomfort.

Is it the venue of your dreams?

Lastly, the most important question you need to ask yourself while picking a venue is whether it is your dream wedding venue or not? if yes then, you have found your dream venue, and if not then, keep looking you would surely find an ideal venue.


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