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The Ultimate Guide To Make Your Wedding Invitation Hamper Special


Fri Sep 8

Wedding Invitation Hampers
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Wedding invitations are the sign that your wedding day is nearing and that is the perfect way to make is official too. This is the point where almost all the wedding shopping is done and you are literally counting days for your big day to come. While every planning for the wedding is topped with a final touch to make it special, why to leave the wedding invite behind then?

There are plenty of things that people add to their wedding invitation hamper these days and you can easily get confused about what to add/leave! And that is where we get into the picture. We are here to help you to make the best of the wedding invitation hampers for your loved ones. Here is The Ultimate Guide To Make Your Wedding Invitation Hamper Special and Exquisite! We have explained everything that must go into the hamper while you send out the invites.

1. The Wedding Invitation Cards, Of Course!

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Obviously, the wedding cards go in first into your wedding invitation hamper. It is the basic element of the whole hamper. You can go on and add a little personalized touch to the wedding invitation card to make it look ultra exquisite and make it special. You can also get your wedding invite to be sealed in a special envelope and add small flowers to get it sealed. This can really elevate the look of the invitation cards.

2. A Box Full Of Sweets

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When you announce something special or auspicious, you always do it with a box of sweets and so, adding this is very essential. You can opt to add any kind of sweets but we would recommend you to add in dry sweets so that it doesn’t get messy at any point of time. You can also opt into to add chocolates or sweets delicacies like donuts, cupcakes or cake slices too. These can really elevate the wholesomeness of your invitation hamper.

3. A Nice Bottle Of Wine

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Not a compulsion but wines are considered to make happy times happier too. You shouldn’t hold yourself back from adding a bottle of wine if you are wanting to go all out with your wedding invitation hamper. Adding a nice bottle of red wine is what we would recommend you to do so as to make your dear ones happy. You can go on and add a pretty personalization to the bottle of wine to make it special.

4. A Good Bag Of Snacks

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Never send in or present alcohol alone. You need to add in a bag of snacks along with it to keep the combo together. Your loved ones would love you to keep it all together and for sending something tasty for them to munch on. You can send in bags of chips or nachos, which is what we would recommend you to do. This will keep everything together and will make your loved ones happy and contented.

5. A Pack Of Dry Fruits

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Dry fruits and Indian weddings are an inseparable deal, to be honest. They are healthy, delicious and of course very extravagant too. Plus, it is considered very auspicious to send in or add in dry fruits in your wedding celebration. You should definitely add in the dry fruits to your hamper.

6. A Touch Of Personalized Gift

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Last but certainly the most special part of the wedding invitation hamper is the personalized gift that you must add into the hamper to keep it utterly special. It can either be a pair of coasters or a small lamp that would be easy to fit into the hamper basket/box. make sure that you select a practical gift that the invitee would be able to use. Trust us as we say that they are going to love you for sending in such a thoughtful hamper to them!

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