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Meet the Wonder Women of SetMyWed


Mon Mar 8

On this inspiring occasion of women’s day, meet our young ladies at SetMyWed who started their own business and are running it successfully. These young women entrepreneurs have shared plenty of encouraging stories and their achievements to inspire the young women of our country.

A very happy Women’s Day to all!!


Shivani Singh HOD Sales & Marketing at SetMyWed

shivani singh hod sales & marketing SetMyWed

A Message from HOD sales from SetMyWed

My mother has been my icon of strength! Right from my childhood, my mother has been the biggest source of inspiration. It is through her I imbibe virtues like strength and perseverance. She taught me the fact that there is absolutely no alternative to discipline.

My leadership style has been honed over a while and is a culmination of these learnings. I believe communication is the cornerstone for an organization’s success and thus the leadership mantra that I adhere to is to keep a clear communication channel with the team I work with. Constructive feedback plays a vital role in the growth of an employee and thus by proving this form of guidance, I am trying to nurture the young impressionable minds and leaders of tomorrow.

Being Passionate and a Never Give Up attitude is the key to success. You have to be passionate about what you do, feel the purpose and when you set to achieve a goal, don’t give up. Life will throw challenges at you, you will make mistakes. It is important to accept and learn from them and never give up! And always remember if you are different you will stand out 🙂

“In whatever you do, you’re not going to stand out unless you think big and have truly original ideas. That comes from tapping into your creativity, not obsessing over what everyone else is doing.”


Ashu Kalra CEO at Hand In Hand Films  

ashu kalra

How did you start working? – Well I just followed my passion and dedicated my heart to photography. (I know it does look quite basic hahaha)

Your difficulties in starting your journey and turning points – I know you will not believe this, but trust me when I say, I did face only 10% of the difficulties people do face usually because luckily I met some good people who helped me in my difficult times whenever I needed them.

Your achievements: Getting appreciation, compliments, and lovely messages on the fastest source of review from my clients, ”Whatsapp”

Your message to women on woman’s Day

Women you are strong, believe in your capabilities, and do what you want to do. You deserve the growth, there’ll be difficulties and barriers, just keep that tunnel vision focused on your dream and work right through the problems.

Sonal Dalmia CEO at Clicksunlimited Photography

How did I start working?

I have been in this field for more than 8 years now. I was always interested in photographing and documenting moments and I was sure of wanting to make a career in the same field so I could help people capture beautiful memories and with this view in mind, I started Clicksunlimited in 2012.

My Achievements

Embarked in Mumbai by Sonal Dalmia in 2012. ClicksUnlimited is an award-winning wedding photography and cinematography company. Clicksunlimited was first showcased at “The Bombay Times,” along with other publications.

We have won several international awards from various international portals such as Wedisson, Wedaward, Fearless Photography, Yourperfectweddingphotographer, ISPWP (International Society of professional wedding photographers) and This is Reportage. Clicksunimited was also nominated in Better Photography (An Indian wedding magazine) in several categories in the year 2018 and 2019.

Your message to women on women’s day

Every woman is beautiful in her way. Her soul is filled with emotions and is full of happiness. It makes her unique from the rest. It doesn’t matter what your age is, your color is or your shape is. All we have is a unique story of our own to tell. We are a dynamic mixture of all sorts of things.

So be bold; be sensual! Forget all the sorrows and be the best version of yourself.


Garima Baranwal Makeup Artist

How did you start working? – Makeup and beauty was always my passion since I entered college. In my college days, I started to learn the basics of these through the internet, later, I joined a salon in my hometown where I started learning and practicing the basic concepts of makeup. However, in between, I got married and a year later had a baby. I devoted the initial few years to take good care of my baby but the candle of Makeup always remains ignited deep within me. Once my baby turned 5 years, I had decided to start the makeup again. A few years ago, I got myself professionally trained and certified as a Makeup artist and started practicing as a freelance Makeup Artist. Since then, I have dolled around 200 brides to their aesthetic best on their special day and the journey continues to progress…

Your difficulties in starting your journey and turning Points

It is never an easy job to start your career at a stage when you have a family to take care of. Initially, things look quite difficult as I have to enter an already competitive market where people don’t want to risk their special day with a lesser-known artist. For the initial few weeks I don’t have any work and I just saw other makeup artists doing a series of brides.

However, as said, if you have passion, enthusiasm, and patience, you can turn things around. Slowly, I got my first bridal, then 2nd, then 3rd, and so on. I always prefer to take only 1 bridal in a day as I intend to do my best to make that day special for her. In Makeup, it’s always quality who wins.

6 your achievements – I was awarded as ‘ Best Makeup Artist in Chandigarh Tricity’ by Bollywood celebrity ‘ Urvashi Rautella’.


Your message to women on woman’s Day

My message to all pretty women is to never let the candle of your passion to stop, keep it always ignited in your heart. There is no age or time to start anything new just what you want counts. We all have a family to support but it’s the job of the family too to support us in achieving our passion. Just we need to keep progressing inch by inch to our passion and never stop till we realise it.


Makeovers By Zeel 

How did you start working?

Pursuing a creative career was my downright instinct and was imbibed in the bones. And as much as I wasn’t interested in working 9-5, it was solely the reason for my motivation to do something different.

My vision is to reinstate every woman’s confidence through my Make-up & Hair artistry……

Make-up is not just a profession, it is my compassion, which defines being ‘ZEEL SHAH’. Dolling up women for their special days is my ultimate definition of success.

With a mission to add charm to every woman’s elegance, I have wandered tirelessly to be able to master the artistry to turn my brides into the epitome of spellbound beauty. My 6 years of enthralling experience as a PRO Make-up & Hair Artist has facilitated me further to aspire for creating diverse yet perfect looks for my clients.

I believe in accentuating the natural beauty of a bride and letting her shine in her truest form. I help the bride express herself through her makeup whether she prefers more of an elegant and subtle look or an imperial and bold look. I try to set your heart ablaze with happiness and joy over the spectacular makeup look created for your gorgeous face!

Your difficulties in starting your journey and turning points.

When it comes to having a career as a makeup artist, most people would think that it is as simple as painting a face and money would naturally come in. Though that is true, having a consistent face to paint is another challenge in a career as a makeup artist.

I started my career as a makeup artist at the age of 20 along with my studies. This was also one of the difficulties I had so had to cope up with my studies and work simultaneously. I completed my master in Business Administration.

After completing my studies I moved to Mumbai.

So coming from a small town to Mumbai, there lied another difficulty as there were many stumbling blocks on my way to success as there are already plenty of talented individuals competing in this arena.

But as they say, Mumbai is the city of dreams, and moving to Mumbai was the turning point in my life as I got many opportunities to work and learn from the best in the industry.

Your achievements –

After completing my make-up course, I have strived day-night to build up my in-depth make-up knowledge, styling tact’s, different beauty strokes. And to further hone my hand better in Make-up, I have learned styling perfection from the various world-renowned artist: Mr. Marvin Guedes(Brazil), Kamilla Teixeira(Brazil), Seema Jerajani (Mumbai), Michelly Palma, and many other International Makeup educators.

Now as a freelancer professional, I am involved in numerous roles such as makeup designer, makeup and hair consultant, idea creation to makeover rendering artist, resulting in a well-formulated makeover solution. My forte now lies in bridal makeup, creative makeup, fashion makeup, party makeup, celebrity makeup, etc.

My 6 years of enthralling experience as a PRO Make-up & Hair Artist has facilitated me further to aspire for creating diverse yet perfect looks for my clients.

Your message to women on woman’s day 

Believe it or not, the world without women is incomplete. It is not because they are a key to new lives, rather, are the only being who l can make anything possible.

To all the women out there, I would like to say that each day is a challenge and each day is also an opportunity. Grab onto the opportunities and work hard on them and I believe success is not far away.


Makeover Destination by Priya

How did you start working?

I am an engineer by education and worked for multiple IT companies for several years. Until a point reached when I wanted to do something that involves creativity and imagination. I loved getting ready and also helping others in doing the same. My friends and family used to take my advice and I loved helping them. That drew the starting line for me.

Your achievements 

Turning my whole career path 180 degrees was not easy. Also, there is already a lot of competition in this field and there are so many established makeup artists in Delhi especially. But I decided to do what I love in the way I wanted.

And everyone is different and unique in their own way so I believe everyone will get their share of work if they keep working for it.

I consider each of my brides as an achievement for me, as I spend a lot of time curating each look personally.

Your message to women on woman’s Day …!

We ladies are thriving in a male dominating society, this speaks for itself a lot about our hard work and determination.

The only thing I want to tell every woman is to support and help any other woman you can. Stop being judgemental to others as there is already lots we need to handle.


Decor by Vedika 

How did you start working?

As a kid I was very much interested in drawing and used to draw everyone’s project’s, other classmates and teachers used to make fun of me sometimes saying this girl is gonna fail.. but who cares when you love to make things beautiful… later

I’ve started working as an admin in a german MNC and used to take care of all the events and decorations there, one fine Diwali event and I got a kick that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. These colors, flowers, and beautifying things are what give me a content feeling.

this is what makes me happy…

Your difficulties in starting your journey and turning points

Talking about my journey, surely isn’t an easy one but an experimental one, as a women womb to tomb it’s always a struggle to stand out and work without being judged by society, working late at night, being out of for a couple of days and working on sites, society is so gonna judge your character and morals when you belongs to a middle class, it’s never easy to fit in where I wanted to stand out, my passion towards wedding decor industry kept me going. I’ve failed multiple times, my first startup failed very badly and I was heartbroken, it took me a couple of years to get back to normal and start again.

I am thankful to my clients, friends, and family who believed in me and supported always where I couldn’t believe in myself…

Your achievements 

as far as I am concerned about my achievements, I’ve only considered my clientele as my achievements…

My happy clients and their valuable feedback is something that matters to me the most. I always want to make every event a memorable one for my clients and for myself as well…

A satisfied and happy client is the milestone.

Your message to women on woman’s day

-to the wonderfully amazing ladies out there, it’ll be a tough and hell of a ride, but trust me.. it’ll be worth it… keep hustling…

Wishing you a very happy women’s day to all the amazing women. we are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world…

Be yourself, Be Happy…

A basket full of love



Manisha Makeup Zone

How you started Working:

I was an HR and I left my job for my passion for make-up, hairdressing, and hairstyle.

Your difficulties in starting your journey and turning points

I have endured, I have been broken, I have known hardship, I have lost myself but here I stand, still moving forward, growing stronger each day. I will never forget the harsh lessons in my life. They made me stronger.

Your achievements 

The first Indian hairstyling book “The Art of Courage” by Seema Jerajani. After lots of struggle and getting knowledge, my dream came true, I started my own salon& Academy “The Bombay Girls” last year in March.

Your message to society on woman’s Day …!

A graceful woman gets strength from troubles, smiles when distressed, and grows even stronger with prayers and hope. Wishing you a very happy Women’s Day. So be grateful because today is your day! Wishing you a day filled.

Pinky Rajput MUA

How you started Working:

Hello to all my lovely ladies. My name is Pinky Rajput and am in the beauty industry for the last 18 years. I always wanted to be a part of this industry and started my career as a hairstylist and later as a makeup artist. Had my own salon in Kerala.

Your difficulties in starting your journey and turning points

After my marriage, I moved to UAE, got the L’Oréal certification, and worked with VOG. After having a baby I had to give up my job and that’s where the challenge being. I didn’t work for 3 years, took care of my house and baby.

I decided to come back to our country and work towards my dream to have my own academy. Did a lot of market research, worked for free with celebrities to understand the Indian market and requirements of the Indian makeup industry.

Your achievements 

Today I am living my dream of enhancing the beauty of beautiful girls around the globe and I also own a Makeup n Hair academy called STROKESNSTRANDS.

Your message to society on woman’s Day …!

I just have one message to all the women out there. The world is more beautiful when we are around so be proud to be yourself.


Aastha wedding choreography

How you started working – dancing since school days, I always wanted to have a career in this field, though hardly had an ideal wedding would be the one! Started as a Zumba instructor, were in the clients approached me for sangeet dances and there was no looking back since then

Your difficulties in starting your journey and turning points

It’s not an easy path and especially in our country, it takes time to adapt to these career choices! Taking out odd hours for practice, making clients understand it’s not cheap and leaving a mark while teaching non-dancers were some of the major challenges

Your achievements 

Winner of the wedding sutra engage – Best wedding Choreographer

Influential women awards from La femme as Choreographer

Working with elite brands and top clients in Delhi and India

Recognized internationally

Your message to society on woman’s Day …!

Never ever give up on your dreams. Hope is your biggest strength


Dhanu Gupta Makeovers

How you started Working:

I’m a self-taught makeup artist. My family supported me to run my own business.

My message on women day 

We need to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves. We have to step up as women and take the lead.

Difficulties happen at every step. But I always stand strong and my husband is my backbone. My daughters are my pillars.


Vaishnavi Prabu CEO at Sparkle Shine Bridal Studio

How you started Working:

In the year 2016, I did makeup for my close relative for an engagement event and everyone appreciated me and said you have good skills in makeup.

At that moment I realized my skill and started to explore the opportunity and upgrade my skills. Also, my education was in the same domain which helped me to get engaged as a professional makeup artist in the year 2017 with the support of my husband and Parents.

Your difficulties in starting your journey and turning points

Initially, I struggled hard in getting Clients and faced a lot of challenges about my makeup skills and feedback. But my never give up attitude, smart work and commitment helped me in overcoming the hiccups.

It was hard times during and post-delivery to take care of my kid and family also, focusing on my profession. But my family was supportive and helped me in balancing my personal life and career.

Your message to women on woman’s Day

Every life begins with a woman and without her the Society is incomplete.

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