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Minimal mangalsutras that are making the headlines!


Mon Jan 24

Weddings can be defined as the sacred union of any two individuals who are deeply in love. This alliance between them is conducted by many traditions according to each religion and culture. One of the most sacred ornaments that are utilized to ascertain a North Hindu wedding is the black beaded mangalsutra. 

mangalsutra design


This mangalsutra is tied by the Indian grooms around the neck of their brides. It signifies the completion and statement of their marriage. From ancient times till date the design variation of these mangalsutra has leaped. However, the significance of this sacred thread has not been disregarded.

Though a married woman’s identity has been represented by this divine piece of jewelry, the position of women has been improved remarkably. Women of today are excelling in many fields of expertise and making their streak in the world. So for the busy and fashionista gals, wearing the long and traditional version of mangalsutra can seem a little too apprehensive.

So, to enhance this the jewelry designers of the modern world have come up with spectacular designs of the sacred chain. Scroll down to see the trending designs of the mangalsutra in the market.

1. The beauty that sparkles like the moon

mangalsutra design

Mangalsutra is generally found in a larger size like any other necklace. This mangalsutra from Caratlane has been specially designed for the non-conventional brides who love to express their fashion sense with beautiful jewelry pieces like these.

Moreover, the one diamond stone that is centered in the middle of the flower-shaped pendant gives it a luxurious look.

2. The personalized look

mangalsutra design

Engraving the initials of you and your husband into a thin chain and combining them with the sacred black beads can be a masterpiece.

Along with this, you can also attach a heart-shaped pendant that would add a classy attitude to the traditional jewelry chain. Further, the infinity-shaped charm is also trending and worn by many ladies as a fashionable accessory.

3. Moon at the place of your heart

mangalsutra design

Many love poems are written by men, where women are compared to the beauty of the moon. The shining glance of the celestial object is reflected on this chain. This gorgeous creation can surely impress anyone who even has a slight peek at it.

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4. Loved wrapped in your fist

mangalsutra design

For hard-working women, matching the formal mangalsutra with trendy workwear can seem imprecise. If you want to look like a chic bride, we have the nicest choice for you here. How about draping this polished mangalsutra bracelet around your wrist like a fashion accessory?

Meanwhile, bracelets rolled up in your hand can make every woman be inspired and have a special concern in getting married.

5. The butterfly wreck

mangalsutra design

We all would have seen much jewelry that is made out of butterfly charms. It could have been a part of our wedding jewelry pieces too. So why not include this dapper designer butterfly design as a part of your regular married life.

Certainly, these diamonds filled butterfly dangling chains will suit every piece of clothing worn.

6. The plated mangalsutra

mangalsutra design

This chain might seem like delicate jewelry but it can be easily worn with western wear too. Moreover, this sacred thread is also proved to be baby-proof and needs minimum maintenance.

7. Bohemian design

mangalsutra design

Everything does not have to be casual and trendy all the time. A multicolored chain bound with black drips makes a great accessory to flaunt with casual wear or the day out by the poolside.

Above all, you have even have customized made by enrolling all the beads in one shade that suits the occasion.

8. The union of the initials

mangalsutra design

You have the first letters of both of your names attached at the end of the thread. As it is very fragile to wear, it can be delicate to handle too. So, be careful when you are wearing other rough chains.

The significance of the black beads is it protects the women from evil eyes. Further, it also provides them with courage and prosperity in their married life.

9. The line of shining stones

mangalsutra design

Here is an exaggerated length of the mangalsutra that comes with matching earrings too. Likewise, this is one of those slivers that you would like to wear with other jewelry that contains huge chunks of precious stones.

10. The one drop of paradise

mangalsutra design

They always say that it takes one drop of water that becomes an ocean one day. A small pinch of this diamond stone can be the start of a rich and blissful married phase. In addition, they are minimal to even look at and convey the perfect amount of traditionalism.

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11. The pearl touch

mangalsutra design

The heart-shaped pendant here is needed very well with a cute droplet of pearl. To all the pearl lovers, it can’t be better than donning this absolutely interesting piece of supplement.

12. The colorful end

mangalsutra design

How about adding some colorful sparks to make it more interesting. Usually, this sacred thread is comprised of small sights of diamonds. This rare sight of attaching a colorful stone of precise gems can go well with ethnic and non-conventional wear too.

13. The rising of the stunning sun

mangalsutra design

This pendant on this mangalsutra represents the half set of the sun near the mountains. It is like an indication of the happy incidents that are going to arise in the future. There is no doubt of how incredibly beautiful sunset and sunrise are. All brides showcase an equal amount of grandeur.

14. The bloom of the new beginnings

mangalsutra design

The three leaves that are attached with their backs supported by each other show how supportive and encouraging a couple must be when in a relationship. Certainly, a flawless jewelry piece that conveys how elegant a mangalsutra can become for a millennial bride.

15. The string of stars

mangalsutra design

A series of star-like stones when arranged clumsily can be seen as a spectacular piece of chain. Blend it with an initial or heartbeat pendant, and you will get yourself a great mangalsutra.


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