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Multicolour Bridal Lehenga Designs to Look Drop-Dead Gorgeous on Your Big Day


Thu Nov 26

Are you confused about the colour of your bridal outfit? If you are a girl who used to get confused about choosing one colour while playing “tippy-tippy tap” then, we can understand your dilemma of choosing the right shade for your bridal outfit. Well, dearest bride, we have a perfect solution to your problem. Instead of picking one shade, how about you pick an outfit with all the vibrant colours? Isn’t this idea alluring? Well, every colour and shade have their own beauty and significance. So, having them all in one outfit is nothing less than a bomb outfit. Do make sure to check our list of multicolour bridal lehenga designs for your bridal outfit.

Ditching the traditional red bridal colour is a risk not many brides are willing to take. Well, if you are the risk taker then, this would be a perfect chance for you to wear a gorgeous multicolour lehenga for your wedding. These multicolour bridal lehenga designs are looking surreal on these brides and we are sure you would stun in one of these too. Some wore a multicolour lehenga on their haldi while others made a courageous decision of wearing it on the D-Day. Well, we have all kinds of multicolour bridal lehenga designs inspiration for you. So, it is up to you if you want to wear it on your big day or one of your wedding ceremonies. We are sure you would look drop-dead gorgeous no matter what you choose!!

  • A Beautiful Bridal Lehenga With All the Traditional Bridal Colours

Well, we absolutely adore this multicolour lehenga with stunning traditional motifs al over it. The traditional colours on this lehenga make it perfect for your bridal attire. The beautiful border on this lehenga is making it even more special.

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  • A Stunning Tie-Dyed Chevron Lehenga With Fresh Colours

If you are looking for something fresh and new then, this lehenga is your perfect suit. We are in love with this floral blouse and gorgeous tie-dyed print over it. This lehenga is absolute bliss to our eyes.

  • A Perfect Haldi Outfits With All the Vibrant Colours

Well, we have just found the perfect haldi outfit for you. A lehenga with red, yellow, and orange shades is nothing less than a blast of vibrancy. This lehenga is your perfect choice to go with for your haldi.

  • Look At This Gorgeous Vivid Lehenga With Metallic Patterns

How about this adorable looking multicolour lehenga design? Well, metallic prints are surely ruling the bridal world and this lehenga is a perfect combination of metallic designs and blissful fresh colours.

  • Something from the House of Sabyasachi with Intricate Zari Work

Oh so stunning! We found this alluring multicolour lehenga with intricate zari work from the house of Sabyasachi. Check out this adorable lehenga below.

  • A Dazzling Mirror Work Lehenga with All the Bright Shades

Well, nothing is more dazzling than mirror work. This mirror embellished lehenga is stealing our hearts. We love the look of this bride in this amazing outfit to her haldi ceremony.

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  • How About This Multicoloured Banarasi Lehenga?

Banarasi print lehengas are the lightest and one of the most gorgeous looking ones. This is one of our favourite multicolour lehenga designs. Well, the gotta patti work is surely stealing the show.

  • Stunning Mirror Embellished Lehenga with Multiple Vivid Colours

Looking for some vivid and bright shades on your lehenga? Well, we have found a perfect match for you. This mirror embellished lehenga has got all the bright and vibrant shades on it. Check it out below.

  • A Multicoloured Brocade Lehenga with Subtle Prints

Brocade fabrics are always a perfect fusion of traditional and chic looks. This multicolour lehenga design in brocade fabric is surely a swoon-worthy outfit. Ain’t it so gorgeous?

  • Surreal Looking Multicoloured Pastel Bridal Lehenga

We found this gem on the internet and instantly fell for it. The pastel shades in this multicolour lehenga are making us drool over this outfit. Check out this surreal multicolour pastel lehenga below.

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