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Must Play These Bollywood Wedding Songs in Upcoming Wedding


Sat Mar 16

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A wedding in India is a celebration. And we Indians have no celebration without music and dance.
We dance our hearts out. And make the event great. From festivals to small rituals and festivities we have music and dance for all.

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Dance and suitable music is our specialty. We know how to merge music with our enthusiastic dance.

Now the question is how to select the best song to fit our golden day of life. We have so many songs matching to our moods and every festivity and event.

We search for a song having the best lyrics with fast rhythm and beats.

2019 has so great trending which are on everyone’s lips from various singers.

Hindi Or Punjabi both songs are used at a wedding with great enthusiasm.

1. Coca-cola Tu 
(Luka Chuppi)

Coca-cola is singing by Neha Kakkar and Tony Kakkar and is on every lip.
This song is featured on Kartik Aryan and Kriti Sanon.
There killing moves has stolen every heart.
This song is playing on every single wedding.
The song’s theme is a boy praising a girl’s beauty with coca-cola.
Every wedding dance floor is filled with this Bollywood wedding song these days.

2. Ankh Marey

Ankh marey is sung by Neha Kakkar and is the most viewed song on YouTube. From kids to an adult every heart is ruled by this song.
This song is featured on Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan.
Their style of dancing is ruling every heart.
The song’s theme framed girls praising boy’s guts, style and his way of flirting and vice versa.
This Bollywood wedding song is the most played song in anyone’s playlist and has become the favorite wedding songs.

3. Kya Baat Hai 
(Hardy Sandhu)

This song is sung by Hardy Sandhu who is all-time favorite singer for parties and weddings. This is a Punjabi song but is praised by every Indian from every part of the country.
This song is enacted by Hardy Sandhu himself.
The song theme is a boy who is praising girl’s beauty. And is talking that he gets hypnotism when he looks at her kajal.

4. Sweetheart

A beautiful love story with a song named sweetheart is everyone looking for.
The song is sung by Dev Negi and is featured on the very dashing Sushant Singh Rajput and very beautiful Sara Ali Khan.
The song theme is that the boy is thanking his girl for attending her friend’s marriage and calls her sweetheart.
Weddings are the places where people meet and fall in love and this song is now mandatory to have in your weddings. This song is everyone’s favorite Bollywood wedding song.

5. Nikle currant
(Jassie Gill & Neha Kakkar)

  1. This song is sung by Jassie Gil and Neha Kakkar. Them both themselves have enacted in the album song.
    The song is very trending and is on everyone’s lips and heart.
    The theme describes boy appreciating and approaching the girl and says after looking at her he is shocked and feels the current flowing in his body and the same the girl says.
    This song is the most popular Bollywood wedding song around the country.
    And one of the favorite songs streaming around.

6. Gud Naal Ishq mitha 
(Ek ladki ko Dekha to aesa lga)

This song is sung by Malkit Singh and this song is featured on Anil Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor.
This song is totally a wedding song which has full of wedding vibes in it.
And the theme of this song is also of wedding songs where people are dancing and celebrating.
This can be known as the wedding anthem this day as it’s mandatory to rock the dance floor with this particular song.

7. Morni Banke
(Badhaai ho)

This song is sung by Guru Randhawa and Neha Kakkar. This song is featured on Ayushmaan Khurana and Saniya Malhotra. The song theme is a boy is asking the girl where is she going and looking like a peacock.
This song has authentic Punjabi flavor and beats in it.
This is the very favorite Bollywood wedding song at all weddings. Especially in North India.

8. Poster lgwa do
(Lukka chuppi)

This song is sing by Mika Singh and Nikita Gandhi. This song features Kriti Sanon and Kartik Aryan.
This song talks about the boy and girl relationships and their love.
This song has fast beats and is a very beautiful Bollywood wedding song.
People love to dance their hearts out on this beautiful song.

9. Koka 

This song is sing by a Punjabi singer Sukh-e. This song is taken from an album. And this song’s theme is a boy is praising girl’s nose in.
The song has all flavors of a Punjabi wedding Song.
This song is used in every wedding. And it is giving competition to every Bollywood wedding song.
This song has become every girl’s favorite.

So let’s tie your shoes and rock the dance floor with these Bollywood wedding songs and make the wedding great and great.

Let’s enjoy and dance our hearts out.

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