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Off Beat Ideas For Your Mehndi Ceremony Decoration


Tue Nov 26

Each time we get a wedding invite, the first thought is when the Mehendi is and what will be different from their Mehendi theme is.  More often these days the Mehendi is combined with Sangeet and is a full day function in a resort or hotel with ample space for the theme settings, photo booths, stalls, and Mehendi counters. Mehndi ceremony decoration is a key factor to make your mehndi function more lit!!! We have listed down the best mehndi ceremony decoration ideas that are FAB!!

Bright colors, upbeat music, and fascinating decor, Mehndi function is the most fun-filled function out of all the ceremonies. Organizing some entertaining activities for your guests will make this day ceremony one to cherish for life. These will involve each member present and will be a brilliant way to bond with your near and dear ones.  That’s why, we have gathered a list of interesting Mehndi function ideas that are hassle-free to arrange and are sure to be loved by all your guests.

We could not agree less that every wedding celebration is beautiful and has its unique charm, but with Mehendi undoubtedly is one of the most fun of them all. With just close friends and family members around, the Mehendi ceremony leaves the bride-to-be with a lot of beautiful memories to cherish.


So, if your wedding is around the corner and you are fizzling about what different and extraordinary you should be doing to grab all the eyeballs. Then, we have come to your rescue. Here, we provide a list of some off-beat ideas you could consider for the most fun-filled function of your wedding.

Now, without wasting any more time let’s get into the list of the offbeat ideas you could use for your mehndi function.

1. Let’s Flamingle

Absolutely loving this fetching and fresh theme inspired by the west. To get guests in the “flamingly” mood, all you need is to set a sunny, tropical space with orchids, overhanging ferns in an overgrown garland, and maybe a glittery wall display that says it all.

Ditch the mainstream mehndi themes and try this super pretty and vibrant one. The decor for this theme is super pink and pretty. Ideal for your Day Mehendi function.

mehndi ceremony decoration

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Keep People Hooked

Beautiful henna, pretty clothes, lots of dancing and some fun Mehendi games; these are the essential elements that will complete the Mehendi ceremony. Mehendi is, without any doubt, the best wedding event. All you are expected to do on this occasion is to have fun but how will you do that without some interesting and unique mehndi games?

It is true that women will be more interested in getting their henna done but what about the men? Also, not everyone will sit for the Mehendi at the same time. Make your mehndi function super exciting and fun with lots of activities and games.

Automatically Charming

Everyone, from the guests to the groom, impatiently waits to get the first glimpse of the bride all dressed in her magical glory. This is why a bride has to make sure that her bridal entry is every bit unique and super dreamy.

With bridal entries changing like a hue, every bride wants something extraordinary and fun. With your mehndi function being super chill, you gotta make an entry that will surely be remembered.

Well, ditch the bikes and palkis and try this auto-rickshaw entry. And all we can do is gape in awe looking at their swagger bridal entries.

Go Colour Coordinated

Outfit coordination in Indian weddings has steadily bloomed to be one of the most incorporated and latest wedding trends and rightly so! Right from couples coordinating their outfits with each other or with their family to them coordinating their outfits with wedding decor or theme, the coordination game is on with full swing!


Go Experimental With Your Decor

mehndi ceremony decoration

Ditch the ordinary decor with the flowers and normal yellow color. Your Mehendi is the function where thee have to be a blast of colors and should be everything but ordinary. Indeed this is the best mehndi ceremony decoration.

It also calls for the mehndi decoration to be on point because apart from a lot of pictures being taken around it, the mehndi decoration also sets the right mood for the ceremony.

mehndi ceremony decoration

Pretty Tiny Tents

There are some pretty tents which are now becoming parts of the decor for the wedding. These are perfect to have that cute add ons to your mehndi decor and look super adorbs.




Image Source: Pinterest

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