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Outdoor Wedding Planning Tips to have a hassle-free ceremony


Thu Jan 9

One of the most important aspects of any wedding is the venue that you choose for it. The wedding venue can make a huge impact on your whole wedding. A good wedding venue can impress the guests and enhance your wedding memories for life.

So in the choice of a wedding venue, you can either go for an outdoor venue or an indoor venue. Indoor venues are mostly preferable if you have a small guest list because they can be a little compact. If you opt for a bigger indoor venue, then it can cost you a lot of money. Therefore, the outdoor venue is advisable if your guest list is big and you want your guests to be comfortable at your wedding. 

Outdoor Wedding Planning Tips

Though there are some key things that are needed to be kept in mind while choosing an outdoor venue for your wedding. So, let’s discuss those in detail.

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1.Check the weather:

Weather plays a huge role when it comes to an outdoor wedding. You can’t get married in an open area if the weather is not in your favor. So if you’re planning to get married in monsoon, we will strongly advise you to do it indoors. Make sure that you check the weather on your wedding day beforehand. It can break your wedding if the weather is too windy or rainy.

Outdoor Wedding Planning Tips

Make sure you do proper arrangements of heaters if you’re getting married in winter and set up some fans if you’re getting married in summer. Making some adjustments can make your wedding smooth and nice apart from the weather changes.

2.Arrange washrooms:

If you’re booking an open ground for your wedding, then make sure that they are providing enough washrooms for your guests. Washrooms are the basic necessity of any function. So you need to keep in mind that you are providing clean washrooms to your guests. Even if there are no washrooms provided with the venue, you can always arrange some portable washrooms for your guests’ convenience.

3.Room for the bride and the groom:

The bride and the groom can not roam around in open on their wedding day. If you are planning your wedding in an outdoor space, then it is necessary to arrange one room for the bride and one room for the groom.

Outdoor Wedding Planning Tips

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It’s important to have those rooms while the bride and the groom wait for the ceremony to start or even to get ready for the wedding. Most of the party plots have those rooms attached to their property. Make sure to grant access to those rooms beforehand.


As the outdoor area of your wedding is going to be huge, you need to check if there are enough arrangements for mics and speakers at your wedding. The announcements and music can be pretty dull without good speakers.

Outdoor Wedding Planning Tips

And of course, you don’t want your guests to be bored at your wedding. If you’re doing your Sangeet ceremony at an outdoor venue, then this thing becomes absolutely necessary to check. Make sure you hire a good DJ or a band to rock your wedding.

5.The time of the day:

If you are opting for an outdoor venue for your wedding, then the time of the day at which you’re getting married in matters a lot. Most of the wedding ceremonies are kept at the sunset or after the sunset. The weather is pleasant and calm after the sunset.

Plus, sunset is the best time to get some good lights for your wedding. But if you’re planning to get married at night, then do get your photoshoot done before it gets dark. Because you can get the best photos in natural light only.

6.Sturdy decor:

If your wedding venue is an outdoor venue, then the weather can change anytime. It can get pretty windy sometimes. And you need to make sure that all the decorations are sturdy enough to stay put even if it’s windy.

Make sure that you avoid the decorations which can be easily carried away or destroyed by the wind. The minimal and sturdy decor is always better than going for the fancy but weak one. Choose the set up which can bear the wind and stay still.

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