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Stunning Pair Phool Designs For The Brides 2023: Unique, Exquisite & Save-Worthy!


Mon Mar 6

Pair Phool Designs For The Brides
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Pair Phool Designs For The Brides)

Jewellery is an integral part of a bride’s look. It is not a new fact that we keep seeing some breathtakingly beautiful bridal jewellery trends and here is yet another – Pair Phool! Yes, it is just like haath phool – just that it is for the feet! It is not an invention because it is one of the most ancient pieces of jewellery. Making its comeback into the world of bridal jewellery, it seems that pair phool is being loved a lot!

We have curated a list of some of the most Stunning Pair Phool Designs For The Brides 2023. Add this beautiful piece of jewellery to your look and add up to your regal look!

1. The Intricate Designs

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Pair Phool Designs For The Brides)

Get a pair phool very intricate designs and match it with your bridal outfit. These pair phools not only are royal but are beautiful to wear. They add up to the beauty of the whole ensemble and make you feel nothing less than a queen, that you are! The intricate designer pair phools have some Indian cultural symbols embossed in it which makes it prettier than ever!

2. Silver Pair Phool

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Pair Phool Designs For The Brides)

If you are a bride who wants to keep it all shiny, the silver pair phool is the one for you. Made with real silver, it is on the heavier side and makes a perfect jewellery piece for the brides who are opting to wear a saree on their wedding day. These pair phool look the best with reg or rustic colour sarees and your feet is going to look stunning to the maximum levels!

3. Dainty Pair Phool

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Pair Phool Designs For The Brides)

Want to keep it minimal yet classy? The dainty pair phool is the answer for you! It is just at the perfect levels of loud and subtle. This pair phool has the perfect amount of drama and minimalism, making it perfect for the brides who do not like to go all out with their jewellery pieces and the ones who are opting for pastel bridal outfits! The pretty designs and stunning structure of it will take your breath away, we assure.

4. Maximalist Design

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Pair Phool Designs For The Brides)

The maximalist Pair phool design is for the brides who love to the their very best in utmost drama and boldness. These pair phools give the perfect Padmaavat main character vibes and not only it is going to give you a feel of a queen, you are absolutely going to look like one too. We assure you that this pair phool is going to make people remember you for years together – for every best reasons of course!

5. The Boho Pair Phool

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Pair Phool Designs For The Brides)

Is boho your style? Don’t you worry, we have you covered. The boho pair phool is at the perfect balance of dainty and dramatic. The designs that this category has, they are to die for. Not only are these gorgeous to look at but they will complement your whole ensemble in the best way possible.

6. Traditional Pair Phool

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest (Pair Phool Designs For The Brides)

Last but certainly not the least is the traditional pair phool. These come with a lot many variations such as detachable anklets, mirror works, palanquin and much more. The little details of this pair phool is just amazing, containing flowers, swans, and every prettiest of the elements possible. We are in absolute awe with this genre of the pair phool!


While you are getting everything perfect for you to look your best version as a bride, you can take your bridal look up by several levels incorporating the pair phool. There is a sensual charm to Pair phool. Pair phools are the perfect addition to your bridal look, trust us!

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