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Personalized Blouse Design For Your Mehndi Function


Tue May 14

Mehndi function is just around the corner and you want to make it great and remembered by all? I am not asking for drinking alcohol and dancing like mad. I am talking about doing some amazing things to flaunt on your mehndi function. You can do some amazing things to make your mehndi function great and you will get acknowledged by everyone. So let’s talk about some bride oriented things you can do on your mehndi function and flaunt your beauty.

So there are many ways to make your mehndi function great and grand. But I will suggest you some personalized blouse design to flaunt it on your mehndi function. These blouse design will really create a style statement and make you look stylish, fashionable and beautiful. So let’s talk about some personalized blouse design.

Let Your Blouse Latkan Do All The Work For You – The Customized Latkan Blouse Design.


The latkans are loved by every woman and bride as well. So if you flaunt your love for latkans then have some customized latkans as your blouse design. And have your name and your groom’s name written on it. He will also acknowledge you for your creative thinking. And by doing this you will show him some love and care.

personalized blouse designs

Let’s Float With The Trend – Have Can’t Keep Calm Quote Personalized Blouse Design


Let’s go for the crystalline blouse. Full backless covered with net and that have can’t keep quote embroidered on it. It will look super stylish and also will stand you out from the rest of the brides to be. You will definitely create a style statement and will rock your mehndi function with this super cool blouse design.

Let’s Choose An Aesthetic And Traditional Blouse Design And Flaunt In It.

blouse design

Let’s choose some artistic and traditional look for your blouse. This doli crafted on the blouse with the name of your groom is a perfect blouse you can have on your mehndi function.

What About An Italics Bride’s Title – Having An Italics Bridal Title Blouse Design



Having just a stylish italics title written on your blouse will really look sassy and cool. You can write anything but crafting your bridal title on your blouse will really make you different and special among everyone. You will look super stylish and cool in this blouse on your mehndi function. A blouse crafted with a bridal title is one of the most demanded blouses I’m the market. So just go for it.

Let’s Do Something Desi – Let’s Flaunt Your Bridal Title In Your Desi Language

personalized blouse designs

Having something desi is always a mandatory thing. Blouse saying dulhaniya on it’s back is a really good idea. It will make you look desi and modern as well. This again a bridal title blouse. But it is crafted in our desi language or in Hindi. You can customize it with any language or your mother tongue. You will become a super cool bride by doing this.


Let’s Go For A Hinglish Combination – Having Hinglish Quote As Blouse Design

blouse design

Let’s combine Hindi with English and make something interesting and classy. Have some quotes embroidered on your blouse like it is shown in the above picture. You can have many quotes including your groom’s name. This will make him feel wanted and will appreciate you and thank for adding his name on your blouse. He will really acknowledge it.

personalized blouse designsLet’s declare it in the whole world whom you are going to get married. Has something crafted on your blouse that declares your groom’s name? And wear this blouse proudly. Your groom will fall in love again with you. And will really appreciate you for this blouse. You will really flaunt in this blouse and will look very beautiful and adoring.

Let’s Use Your Nicknames Or Wedding Hashtags On Your Blouse Design

 blouse design

Let’s have some sexy hashtags or combination of your nicknames on your blouse. This will look super stylish and adoring. You can combine your nickname with your groom’s nickname and get it embroidered on your blouse. Or you can embroider your wedding hashtag on your blouse.

So what are you waiting for now? Rush to your tailor or designer and ask them to make a personalized blouse design for your mehndi function. Don’t sit back on your bed and relax.

Rock your mehndi function with these blouse designing ideas. Flaunt your beauty. And become the center of attraction of the whole event. And yes do not forget to thank me later. These are the most trending blouse design ideas you can have on your mehndi function.

Let’s your Sleeves talk!!!

personalized blouse designs


Some More Designs which you can customize according to your choice!!


blouse design

personalized blouse designs

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