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Quirkiest Props to Use on Your Wedding Functions


Fri May 29

Weddings are all about having fun and enjoying the functions and rituals to the fullest with the people you love the most. The best part about weddings is the beautiful pictures that we get later to cherish the amazing moments spent during that time. Well, if photographs are so important at a wedding, shouldn’t you arrange a special photo booth for your guests to have amazing pictures clicked, and keep a lovely memory of your wedding with them? A photo booth is an area with the perfect lighting and quirky props which can be used in the pictures to give them a special touch.

We know you can arrange the ideal lighting for your custom photo booth but, selecting some of the quirkiest props can be a difficult task. Well, you don’t have to worry at all as we have taken care of that too. In this article, we are going to provide you with some of the quirkiest and unique props that will make your photo booth a special spot. We are sure your guests are going to enjoy this and so would you. So, make sure to read our list below and choose your favourite ones.

  • A decorated swing for a garden theme function

A photo booth demands to be a special place for you and your guests to get insta worthy clicked and so, we are suggesting you use a beautifully decorated swing as a prop as well as a special place for your guests to get some of the most beautiful pictures that they can use as their DP and you can get some picture-perfect shots for your garden functions too.

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  • Hanging frames or a giant one

A photo booth cannot afford to miss the quirkiest frames with vibrant colours or with colours matching the theme of your function. The idea is to have a perfect photograph within a beautiful frame. You can also opt for an Instagram inspired frame or giant polaroid frame for your photo booth to outstand on your wedding function.

  • The classic photo booth

Yes, that’s right what can be better than a literal photo booth just the way it used to be, all classic and vintage. You can build a classic photo booth and make sure all your guests are enjoying their time clicking pictures in the vintage style. You can also arrange for instant polaroids for your guests to have an instant photograph of your wedding with them.

  • A book for your photo booth

It is not just a prop but also a memory of all the beautiful smiles that enlightened the photo booth of your wedding function. A photo booth journal with everyone signing it is all you can ask for to keep a memory o your wedding with the signs of your loved ones to stay with you forever. Also, it is quite unique and your guests are going to love it too.

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  • Arrows and everything quirky

How can we miss out on the classic and one of the quirkiest props used at any photo booth? Yes, you guessed it right, colourful arrows pointing towards “Miss Patakha” or the “bride” or simply ” RIP Bachelorette” is all you need to announce your wedding to all your instafam with a bunch of people holding different signs and arrows. It’s all a group picture can ask and so, these amazing props should remain unmissed at your photo booth.

  • Giant glasses

Lastly, the quirkiest of them all is the giant glasses that can make your boring photo booth fun and amusing place. You wouldn’t even need to force yourself to smile for pictures as these giant glasses would look so funny that it will make you and your guests laugh out loud without having to try. So, do not forget to get some pair of giant glasses for your photo booth.

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