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SetMyWed Real Bride: Palak and Nikhil’s Destiny Wali Wedding Story


Wed Jun 24

One of the most difficult things to find on earth is true love. We look for love in different places at different times. Many seek for their one and only and fail to find their one true soulmate. While others find their true love without having to look. Well, destiny is one of the biggest factors when it comes to finding your other half. When you are destined to meet the love of your life, no other power is greater than destiny. Are you finding this hard to believe? Well, we have a perfect love story for you that would restore your belief in destiny and its true powers. Palak and Nikhil’s wedding story is one of a kind and we are glad to get a chance to introduce you with their destiny wali love story.

How Destiny Played A Big Role in Their Wedding?

Well, destiny played its role and made our bride Palak and Nikhil to cross paths in their office. Palak who went for an interview to the India Today office got selected for the job. It was a great deal for her to get selected for the job and joined the office. Nikhil, on the other hand, was already working there and guess what? Our groom Nikhil was assigned as the boss to whom Palak had to report. Being in the same team, Palak and Nikhil used to work together, spend a good amount of time with each other.

Well, they were just co-workers for 8-9 months until one day Palak’s father inquired about a guy named “Nikhil”. Well, Palak didn’t know that her father was talking about her “boss Nikhil” until one day when she asked her father to show some pictures. As anyone would, Palak was also confused about the thought of marrying the same Nikhil she used to report to. On her father’s insistence, Palak decided to have a talk to Nikhil about each other’s family and goals and so, the two souls got united with the approval of their families and got hitched in December 2019 hence, fulfilling the destiny of two souls.

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Details About their Enchanting Wedding Ceremonies

As Nikhil’s brothers live out of India and were in the country for a short period of time, the couple had to plan a two days wedding with mehndi ceremony on day-1 and a grand wedding on Day-2. Well, as we say, sometimes less is more and in this case, we loved how everything turned out to be super perfect despite all the twists. What twists? Read the next segment of the article to know more.

The Chic Mehndi Ceremony

Venue: Vrindavan Grand (Faridabad)

Mehndi ceremony is all about colour green and floral scents. Well, our bride took her mehndi look to the next level in her chic neon green lehenga with beige dupatta complemented with dangling neon pink bangles. The groom, on the other hand, kept it subtle in his navy-blue Indo-western suit. Check out the heart-melting pictures of their mehndi ceremony below.

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The Grand Wedding with A Touch Twist and Lots of Emotions

Venue: Heritage Garden (Faridabad)

As we said, this wedding is full of emotions with a small dramatic twist. So, the twist in our couple’s grand wedding came with heavy rain showers. The showers were so heavy that some of the guests had to leave early without even meeting the bride and groom. It rained so heavily and for so long that the bride had to wait for 5 long hours to meet her groom. Well, we are sure they must be the longest 5 hours of Palak’s life. So finally, after it stopped raining our groom was all set to bring the baraat at the bride’s doorstep. It was quite emotional for the bride to walk down the aisle alongside her father.

The bride quotes “My eyes were sparkling with emotions and tears as I was entering the new phase of my life, on the other hand, I was leaving my dad’s hand to hold Nikhil’s. Before going for my Jaimaala I gave a tight hug to my dad”. We are not crying, you are!!! Both the bride and the groom look stunning in their wedding outfits and we are finding it hard to get over their infectious smiles. Check out their adorable wedding pictures below.

Details about the wedding vendors and the bride’s wardrobe

Wedding planners: Palak’s entire family was super excited about her wedding and so, the department of planning and preparation of her wedding was handled by them only.

Wedding shopping spree: the bride went on a shopping spree to some of the famous markets of Delhi including Model Town and Shahpur with her mom.

“Those were the best days I spent with mom before the wedding,” said the bride.

Choreographer: PDC profusion dance company

Photographer: design aqua studio

Mehndi Artist: Raju Mehndi Wala, GK-1


Mehndi: Lasha designs

Wedding: Payal Keyl


Mehndi: Upasana Singh solar artistry

Wedding: Jasmeet Kapany

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