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Gorgeous South Indian Wedding Mandap Décor Guide 101 – Check It Out!


Tue Sep 5

South Indian Wedding Mandap
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

South Indian weddings are absolutely full of culture and heritage, and moreover are oh! so very beautiful. The décor, the vibe and the ambiance screams nothing but joy and so much so that is very heart-warming. The rituals to décor, everything about a South Indian wedding is always fabulous. And while we are talking about that, the décor of these weddings is marvelous. They use many things into the decoration like flowers, idols, leaves and the best part is that they keep their rich culture and tradition intact even when they experiment a little with the ongoing trends.

The decoration carries equal amount of traditional values and contemporary touch altogether, these days. The mandap decoration is one of the essential parts of a wedding, especially in South Indian Wedding. And to make it look extremely fabulous, we are here with the Gorgeous South Indian Wedding Mandap Décor Guide 101 to make your work easier and better!

1. Decoration With God Idols

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

South Indians have a deep devotion and respect towards their gods and they honor their gods before any and every special or auspicious occasion. The Mandaps too are decorated with the god idols to keep their blessing being showered upon, during the whole ceremony. This is a very sacred and special mandap decoration idea which is extremely beautiful at the same time. Adding the god idols to the mandap not only enhances the value of the decoration but also makes the decoration look grand and royal. the addition of the god idols truly has inspired us and we are in awe about the beauty that it adds to the mandap decoration!

You should definitely take inspiration from the pictures above!

2. Floral Mandap Decoration

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

The most iconic and classic Wedding Mandap Decoration is the one with flowers. Flowers are used in high ranges and amount in a South Indian wedding and the whole mandap is filled with them. Flowers add the aura of pureness and sanctity while making the mandap look evermore gorgeous and magnificent. The beauty of various flowers put together for the mandap decoration is unmatched and the best part is that this mandap decoration can be done for both grand as well as intimate weddings.

Look at the pictures above so some amazing inspiration and ideas!

3. Minimal Mandap Decoration

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

These days the trend of having minimal decoration on the wedding day is quite popular and couples are very much opting for it. When we talk about South Indian Weddings, the minimal decorated Mandap exists and oh! they look surreal. These are perfect for the ones who are having their mandap setup in an open space, under the sky. The minimal Wedding Mandaps can be decorated with pastel flowers, some vines and a touch of minimal chandeliers.

Trust us as we say that you will surely love this set up! Have a look from the pictures above.

4. The Leafy Affair

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

The beauty of the leafy decoration of Mandap is unmatchable. You will feel as if you have landed straight into heaven. The leafy decoration showcases the richness of forests and flora in the regions of south India, signifying the beauty of your state. You will feel mesmerized by the beauty of the leaf decorations done for your wedding mandap on your wedding day. The best part is that the leaf decoration for wedding mandaps is available in various designs and types, for you to choose from. This way you can literally customize and pick your wedding mandap design as per your preference.

Have a look at the above images for some pretty inspiration of leafy decoration of wedding mandaps.

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