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Bridal lehenga designs to be bookmarked for the year 2022


Mon Jan 17

best bridal lehenga designs

Weddings in India have undivided attention from designers and fashionistas. They always strive to make the happy couple as dashing as possible with their impeccable clothing line or indomitable jewelry collection.

On such a note, we from SetMyWed have handpicked some astonishing lehenga designs that were worn by the real brides reverencing our culture and heritage.

Firstly, some of these designs have been exclusively picked from the latest fashion shows too.

Secondly, traditional or contemporary, whatever choice be, we sure have a tremendous lookbook waiting for the brides-to-be to get excited.

1. The pink-blue ombre lehenga

best bridal lehenga designs

For those who are unaware of what ombre lehengas mean – it is dual shaded clothing that starts with a light pink tone on the upper half and ends with a hot pink shade that flows right to the end.

This gorgeous bride has donned an ombre lehenga that has authentic elephant motifs at the bottom of the skirt. The extent of mirror work on the lehenga and the blouse irresistibly captures many hearts.

The dupatta is beautifully designed in a contrasting blue shade which has perfectly adapted with a red-colored border.

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2. The natural beauty of a bride

best bridal lehenga designs

Green is a very refreshing color and has many distinct varieties in them. Here we present to you, an elegant-looking Pista-colored lehenga. Surely a golden and Pista-shaded lehenga would have been the showstopper of the entire ceremony. But we are here to settle for the “ordinary.”

What appears to be like large colorful circular patches on the lehenga’s skirt are colorful embroidered daffodil-like structures. It makes the entire dress look more attractive.

3. The shimmery effect

best bridal lehenga designs

Big fat Indian weddings always depict how joyous and glowing each of their traditional events is. What better is there than to showcase our rich customs by the outfits we wear?

The lehenga worn by the model showcases a bit of its unbelievable ombre effect. However, the most efficient part of the designer lies in creating a contrasting beautiful white blouse. Also, the subtle work of mirrors shows how the language of minimalism is here to dominate.

4. The beauty of the flower energy

best bridal lehenga designs

Pink and red both commonly belong to the rose clan. This bride has beautifully combined the pinkish color lehenga with a huge embroidered sky of lovely flowers.

Floral prints are in the trend for almost all designer wear as they have such a robust impact on the viewer. This lehenga can easily be matched with the wedding decor and it is also light in weight to handle.

Instead of opting for matching floral accessories, the bride has practically chosen gold ornaments to go with the outfit.

5. The sunflower aftermath

best bridal lehenga designs


The yellow-colored lehenga can represent any bride in a brilliant and fresh look. It is any basic lehenga we have here. Zari work, metallic sparks, thread works, mirrors, and sequins – all these spectacular stitching works are present in this one grand lehenga.

A shining matching dupatta with a neat embroidered border to go with it. The blouse also can be altered for a low plunging neckline by the bride.

6. The classics are back!

best bridal lehenga designs

Initially, it started with red being a pure symbol of love and sacredness. With this came in the stringent custom that every Indian bride must attire herself with atleast one red colored clothing for her wedding day.

Now as the trends are being shifted, there have been many trendy colors and styles that have changed the wedding scenario. However, there can’t be any replacement for some standard types of lehengas.

This bride has chosen to follow the evergreen traditional way of wearing a heavily designed red lehenga. The blue designs like patches on the skirt and the red embellished veil are the biggest highlights of the outfit.

7. The portrayal of an angel

best bridal lehenga designs

best bridal lehenga designs

Gone are those when the color white or black were considered as a bad omen. Our trendy brides are breaking every stereotype possible along with their ever-supportive groom.

Be it a plain shimmer lehenga or the one made with complimenting vivid designs of many distinct colors, both these white lehengas are surely a sight to behold deeply.

8. Why stop with just one color?

best bridal lehenga designs

best bridal lehenga designs


best bridal lehenga designs

Every festival or special occasion that we Indians celebrate involves unique colors and traditions. Then why not empty the whole color palette into a single fascinating wedding dress?

Firstly, rainbow-colored lehengas are extravagant to be created. Secondly, the chore of wearing it for the entire ceremony can be difficult. But for it is worth every weave when it is worn for a very special occasion. When this is paired with the right kind of accessories and attitude, it should not look over-the-top for anyone.

9. The heavenly pastel complexions

best bridal lehenga designs


best bridal lehenga designs

The modern colors that are making the rounds around the town are these sparkling pastel shades. Mauve, turquoise, peach, are some of the exceptional wedding dress colors that are worn instead of the traditional red or green colors.

These powder blue lehengas give a 3D effect with their alluring designs and craftsmanship.

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10. The flawless portrait of a queen

best bridal lehenga designs

Here is an unusual color palette of dark orange that is wonderfully imposed on the bridal lehenga.

Further, it has an extravagant amount of golden sequins that have been generously distributed over the entire skirt. However, this Punjabi bride has broken all glamour norms to look so divine.

11. The non-conventional truth of culture

best bridal lehenga designs

The elegance of a bride’s beauty does not just lie in her attire but also in her inner beauty that can be seen as a glowing shine.

Our bride here is also glowing in a rather heavy and embellished green and golden lehenga. The jewelry that she has donned with her wedding outfit can make anyone go speechless.

The final verdict

We hope you enjoyed this blog filled with many wonderful phases of beauty that is represented by wonderful lehengas. These are some of the infinite number of modern lehengas that are to be bookmarked this year.

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