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The Best Wedding Photographers from South India


Mon Jan 10

Wedding photography is undoubtedly one of the important aspects of anyone’s wedding day. And when it comes to realistic and artistic photography definitely south Indian photographers come to my mind all of first.

So today we have compiled a few amazing photographers that are personally my favorite who have been working with SetMyWed. So here is a complete list of the best photographers of Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kerala. Let me take you to the finest wedding photographers from south India who can make your wedding day a beautiful momentum!


  • Chayasutra –   

     Chayasutra, A complete goal for those who want to be captured in a totally different and artistic way. Mr. Sougata Mishra, Owner of Chayasutra doesn’t click just pictures only but also creates poetry through his photos. The team provides complete fearless photography and a source for capturing emotions. Since every wedding speaks a story, they ensure they depict it through their photography with the help of their composition and imagination.  

If you want to make your special day totally unique, dark yet beautiful, and inartistic way then Chayasutra is your perfect destination. 

 Location Hyderabad 

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  • Studio Ambaara – 

 When we have a look at the best wedding photographers in Bangalore working with SetMyWed, Studio Ambaara is undoubtedly a great option. They specialize in candid photography and cinematic films, be it weddings, prewedding, or any celebrations of your life. They do have a commitment to making your wedding day exceptionally beautiful. They are based out of Bangalore but have covered celebrations in other parts of the country like Hyderabad, Kerala, Chennai, Rajasthan, Goa, etc.  They majorly focus on capturing moments in candid style giving their pictures a fine and soft touch. 


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  • View Finders – 

     A Wayanad Based team that covers beyond any definition of photography. They mostly capture moments in non-traditional moments. Tea Viewfinders tries to capture each and every moment in its own realistic and original essence. one can differentiate their work very easily when it comes to looking out candid photography with emotions.

If you are looking for a photography team inside Kerala that covers weddings in a totally original manner, keep this professional team in your mind.

LocationWayanad, Kerala 

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Maroon Velvet Stories – 

      They are a Hyderabad-based professional team that covers each and every second of your special day by dividing their team into small groups. Happy, sad, or any emotions they never fail to capture any of them. Not just the bride or groom but each and every member out of the family is captured by them. And every photo is clicked in its original form. Undoubtedly they are the best photographers in Hyderabad when it comes to clicking candid and storytelling pictures. They put their heart and soul in their each of the weddings to be covered. Whether it is talking to the client in-depth about their expectations and needs or simply converting the tie into precious moments that are everlasting and unique, they make their whole efforts to make their work stand out from the crowd.

Location Hyderabad 

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  • Wedding Clickz –

      Well! According to them, there is no perfect definition for a perfect wedding, without wasting time over it let me tell you why you should be in touch with the team of wedding clickz. They just don’t focus on making any moment so artistic or kind of pinkish or social media-oriented but try to make each and every moment alive. They believe each and every wedding is unique. Sometimes it is fun, sometimes it is emotional, sometimes is has mixed emotions so each and every wedding should be captured in a different way. So contact them if you want to have the best wedding photographer in Bangalore that covers every mood of every ritual on your wedding day. 


Profile Link 


  • ZM Wedding photography – 

     A highly imaginative and candid wedding photography team led by Mr. Lokesh believes in capturing each and every moment in a so candid style. He excels in candid photography at very affordable prices. This photography team shoots weddings in their truest essence and everyone can see it all through their portfolio. Whether it is candid, portraits or rituals this Chennai-based tea never disappoints. Each composition of theirs is worth having for. 

So if you are looking for an affordable and the best photographer in Chennai then ZM Photography should be your ultimate goal. Contact them for more information.

Location Chennai 

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Wed Mojo Photography 

       Wed Mojo Photography, a Hubli-based professional photography team having an enthusiastic team that focuses to follow a relaxed and creative photography style with its perfect touch. They follow the reality in their work at its core.

And also capture the photographs that are brimming with intense emotions. So if you are looking for more realistic and beautifully clicked photographs then without any doubt Wed Mojo Photography is the best option anyone can ever have. If you just have a look at their pictures, you would come to know that their pictures are so mesmerizing and so kind of narration. If you are looking for exceptional and the best photographers in Bangalore, Hubli, Kerala or any southern part of India then Wed Mojo Photography is the best Option. 

LocationHubli and Kerala 

Profile Link


  • SL Photography – 

        SL Photography is a Hyderabad-based team of wedding photographers that specialised in capturing wedding days in a journalistic manner. They believe that each and every wedding day should be captured in an ethical and perfect manner. They keep on updating themselves with the latest tools and techniques and they use the perfect lighting to capture the best pictures. They do have a very keen eye on each and every moment taking place in any wedding and capture every second in its perfect way. If there is one thing that sets them apart is that they work in a classic style. And if you too wish to rejoice your wedding day for a lifetime and treasure them like precious possessions then simply do contact them.

Location Hyderabad 

Profile Link


  • Poorni’s Photography – 

       One of the Best Wedding Photographers working with SetMyWed, Poornis Photography is a professional wedding photography team working in the wedding industry for last more than 10 years. And excel in candid Photography and cinematography. And they make sure that whether it is to document all the rituals or celebration or even excitement or clicking the candid moments, should be done in a splendid manner. And they do everything with all the greatness. I simply love the way Poornesh, Owner of Poorni’s Photography covers each moment simply with so much perfection. 

So Drive through his portfolio going through the given link of profile on SetMyWed and I am sure you will love his work. 

Location Bangalore 

Profile Link 


  •  Dream Picture Weddings – 

         DreamPictures wedding is one of the best wedding photography in Kerala. Since the beginning, they have worked on hundreds of projects carrying precious minutes on the most celebrated day of your lives. They do not just give photographs but true emotions and still visions for you to cherish forever. They are artists who craft enchanting and evergreen narratives through their excellent lenses. They can also offer the best because they have relevant industry experience. That means, they also have a team of well-established and internationally acclaimed professionals who are provided with the latest technology to enhance the beauty of their work.  DreamPictures Wedding will plan both goal and residential weddings and will help you see all your passions at your union stop. Their main center is on delivering the most valuable quality images for all their customers. Each photo captured by them will make you a passionate journey that you behold and enjoy on the most amazing days of your lives. Besides this, they also take care of your isolation and ask for recommendations on how to shoot your wedding celebrations in the most excellent manner.


Profile Link 

Jumping Souls –

       Jumping souls is Hyderabad and Goa-based destination wedding Photographer. For them, Emotions, bonds of togetherness, and special moments create a tale for all ages. They are the storytellers that capture such magical tales! Every wedding is a new story, each special in its own way. Through our organic documentary-style filmmaking, they narrate the story of your love through an intertwining of visual creativity and technical expertise. From grins of bubbling excitement and anxious waits to nervous smiles and unbridled joy, they narrate the story of your most memorable moments through our unobtrusive presence. Team Jumping souls work with everyone involved – from the master of ceremonies to the lighting vendor, if need be, to ensure the conditions are unmarred for filming your big day. They are the first to arrive and the last to leave, documenting your day with candid shots and real-time interviews, all done with sensitivity and revere for your momentous occasion. Their joy lies in freezing the narrative of your love forever.

Location Hyderabad and Goa 

 Profile Link 


Conclusion – Well that is one exclusive list! Keep in touch with Team SetMyWed for getting more amazing and affordable photographers not just from South India but from across India.  For now have a look at the profiles of the above photographers that fall into your budget and expectations, after all a photographer is one who gives you an unforgettable time for a lifetime.

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