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The Bride Magazine July 2022 by SetMyWed


Tue Jul 19

The Bridal Magazine

We are very much excited to share the July Issue of THE BRIDE MAGAZINE.  This issue will leave behind all the stars and bring you a chapter from real Indian weddings around the world along with some interesting articles related to an Indian wedding that everyone should bookmark.

And along with that, we’re announcing Makeup artists and photographers of the month. So, that you can choose the best in this wedding season and make your entire childhood dream come true!!!

. Content of the Magazine:

Natasha & Shekher – Wedding

• 2202 Wedding Themes

• Photoshoot ideas – #bucketlist


• Calling brides for Makeovers Trends 

& many more


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Wedding Photographer of the Month: Jumping Soul, Goa

Emotions, bonds of togetherness, and special moments create a tale for all ages. We are the storytellers that capture such magical tales! Every wedding is a new story, each special in its own way. Through our organic documentary-style filmmaking, we narrate the story of your love through an intertwining of visual creativity and technical expertise. From grins of bubbling excitement and anxious waits to nervous smiles and unbridled joy, we narrate the story of your most memorable moments through our unobtrusive presence. We work with everyone involved – from the master of ceremonies to the lighting vendor, if need be, to ensure the conditions are unmarred for filming your big day. We are the first to arrive and the last to leave, documenting your day with candid shots and real-time interviews, all done with sensitivity and revere for your momentous occasion. Our joy lies in freezing the narrative of your love forever. 



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Jumping Soul Portfolio

So, if you’re planning for your D-Day, or just put your ring on, then grab THE BRIDE Magazine and start planning for your dream day in an incredible way.

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It is the most popular magazine for wedding planning and collecting ideas and photos of the wedding ceremonies and reception. It is mostly read by women of age 18-45 years. This magazine brings up the latest wedding-related tips, fashion, and updates as well.
One of the best ways to get featured in The Bride Magazine is to send your photos in. This magazine accepts submissions on a regular basis, and you won't be breaking any rules if you send in your photos. This magazines also accept submissions via email. So, check out the guidelines before sending in your photos.
The Bride Magazine started in the year 2019. The magazine's focus was primarily on bridal fashions, a collection of photos and stories.

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