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The Bright Sides of Planning an Intimate Indian Wedding During This Pandemic


Fri Jul 3

All we need is a ray of hope in these drastic times with a gradual increase in the coronavirus case. A virus which is so small that one cannot see it with naked eyes has ruined every 2020 plan you had. Especially, the brides and grooms who were planning to tie knots this year are shattered with the outbreak of the coronavirus. Well, some relief has been provided with the allowance of a 50- member intimate Indian wedding or a virtual wedding by the government. As we know, a normal Indian wedding includes even more than 500 guests. With the pandemic going on a big fat Indian wedding is not a probability.

Well, as we said earlier, a ray of hope is all you need to get going and be happy. If you are a bride or grooms who are not planning to get married virtually or having an intimate wedding ceremony then, this article would help you see the bright of having an intimate Indian wedding. Yes, this article would leave you all happy and positive about having your intimate wedding during this pandemic. So, make sure to read it till the very end and find your ray of sunshine.

  • You can now save money for your future

As we know, a big fat Indian wedding have a big fat budget too. With costly venue bookings and numerous wedding ceremonies, an Indian wedding is the most expensive event of your life. So, this is your chance to save on that humungous amount of money for your future.

  • The lesser the people, the more the fun

Well, when we say less is more, we mean it. In a big fat ndian wedding, it is normal to invite 500+ guests and some of them are not even known to the bride and the groom. This many people steak away all the fun and charm of your wedding. A close-knit wedding is all you need to enjoy your intimate wedding the most. Invite your favourite people, friends, and family to make your intimate Indian wedding a special affair.


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  • Getting married is better than waiting in this uncertainty

These are the times of uncertainty with no hope of relief from the coronavirus. Day after day, the number of infected people is increasing and so, it is the best time to get married while you still can. With all this uncertainty you cannot rely on the future to plan your wedding. So, it is maybe the best time to have your intimate Indian wedding.

  • Fewer people, less drama

Isn’t it a fact that Indian weddings are incomplete without end moment drama? Well, guess what? This is your chance to have a drama-free wedding with all your close friends and family member. There is no better excuse than coronavirus to not invite your “sadu” uncle and aunty. So, make sure to take full advantage of the ongoing pandemic and get your intimate wedding planned with us.


  • Be your own wedding decorator

Normally, you don’t get a chance to give your input to your wedding décor or menu. It is usually the elder members of the family that you need to listen to. Well, not this time as your intimate Indian wedding could be your chance to get involved as much as you want. You can also check out our blogs for some indoor wedding décor inspiration.

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  • Super easy to manage

How can we forget about all the wedding planning a big fat Indian wedding involves? Planning an Indian wedding is not an easy task and requires a lot of management skills. From inviting loads of people to making everything is at its place, a big fat Indian wedding takes a lot of management. Well, having an intimate wedding wouldn’t require much of wedding planning or management skills.


  • Stress is less

Stress is a major problem with Indian weddings and by having an intimate wedding you can keep your stress at bay and enjoy your wedding to the fullest.

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  • Best time for destination weddings

Destination weddings are no more for those who have a bigger budget and lesser guests. You can now have a destination wedding too as the number of guests couldn’t be any less than 50. Also, with lesser guests, the budget would also be on the lesser side.


  • It would make a wonderful wedding tale for your kids

Lastly, having an intimate wedding in these awful times would make a great wedding story for your future kids. It would be one of the most memorable events of your life and you would cherish these bright days even during these dark times in future.


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