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The groomsmen duties you should be aware about

Ridhi Ridhi

Wed Jan 8

Being a groomsman is a big honor. Your best friend is getting married and you can not be happy enough for him on his wedding day. This is the day you all talked about and planned about for years. And it’s finally here. Being the best friend of a groom is a huge responsibility. The groom considers you as his go-to partner and counts on you, especially on his wedding day. 

 groomsmen duties

Your groom’s best friend already has a lot of work and responsibilities to take care of his wedding. You are there to give him your total support in whatever he or his family needs. Being a groomsman means being there for your best friend all the time. He’s going to have some stress waves and you are there to calm him down when things get tough. So, here are some of the groomsmen duties that you should be completely aware of at your best friend’s wedding.

1. Be on his side all the time:

 groomsmen duties

Weddings are usually very hectic and it takes a lot of work to host a successful one. Make sure that you be on your best friend’s side whenever he needs you. As a groomsman, you should take care of the little chores and responsibilities that usually everyone misses out on.

Plus, your groom’s best friend needs you by his side on his wedding day more than ever. Make sure you provide him all the support and motivation to get through the wedding. At one point or another, he is going to have a breakdown and you should be there to save him through it.

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2. Take charge of transportation:

At weddings, there is usually a huge amount of getting from here to there. And this transportation can be difficult without someone to take care of it. As a groomsman, make sure that you help the groom or any family member in the transportation they need. You should also take care of the needs of guests and arrange things for them accordingly. We know that it’s a huge and difficult responsibility, but you owe it to your best friend right? 

3.Become the gift collector:

 groomsmen duties

At the wedding ceremony or even at the reception, the guests are going to come and meet the couple. At this time they usually hand over the gifts to the couple and wish them congratulations. So make sure that you are there behind the groom to collect all the gifts from the guests. The groom will not be able to do this task by himself in between the ceremony of course. So this is your responsibility to collect all the gifts and keep them safe until you hand them over to the groom.


4. Take charge of the bachelor party:

 groomsmen duties

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The bachelor party is one of the most important tasks before your best friend’s wedding. In all the chaos of planning for the wedding, he is not going to have much time to plan a super cool bachelor party. So make sure that you plan this party for him. Or at least co-host him in planning the party. This is one of the most fun tasks of groomsman and makes sure that you do it right. After all, you boys need to have some fun before the wedding right?


5.Protect the shoes:

 groomsmen duties

Now, this is the most important task in the wedding ceremony without any doubt. The bridesmaids are going to try and steal the wedding shoes and you are there to protect them at any cost. This ritual is really fun between the groomsmen and the bridesmaids during the wedding. They are going to put all their efforts into stealing them but make sure that you be there to protect the shoes for your best friend.

This is one of the most important groomsmen duties that they should keep in mind.

6. Give opinions:

You have been best friends with the groom for a long time and you know all his preferences and choices. Planning for a wedding can be really hard and confusing at the same time. Many times groom is going to have confusion about one thing or another. So, at that time he needs to there to give him your opinions and get him out of the confusion. This will make him feel very supported and comfortable. 

So, all these are the groomsmen duties that they should be aware of.

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