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Thoughtful Gift Ideas to Buy and Impress Your Bride to Be


Mon Apr 20

One of the most beautiful times in relation is the phase between your engagement and wedding. Those few months are some of the best and most romantic months of your relationship. You go on dates and call each other almost 24 hours a day, and still might feel it’s not enough. All you want is to spend your time with the one you love or if you are in an arranged marriage, you try to get to know your other half better and form a bond with them. Well, girls are meant to be pampered and loved especially, the brides to be. They need constant reassurance that you are the one they want to spend their whole life with, and to assure them you always want to make them feel special and loved.

What better way to express your love to your girl than a thoughtful gift? None, so we are here to help you with picking the most thoughtful gifts for your bride to be. If you have searched the whole internet looking for the best gift to make your girl feel special then, this article is the end of your search. So, make sure to read our complete list of amazing gifts below and impress your bride to be.

Go old school: A heart-shaped photo necklace

If you are an old school romantic then, this would be your favorite option to gift your beautiful bride. Every girl loves to wear jewelry especially when it’s gifted by the love of their life. A heart-shaped necklace with you and your bride’s photo is a great gift to express your love to your wife to be.

Gift her your heartbeat

Sounds a little cheesy right? Well, its more romantic then, cheesy really and here’s why we are saying so. You can go to a jewelry store and ask them for customized jewelry of your heartbeat when you call out her name. Now you know how romantic it is to gift your love your heartbeat.

Get a tattoo for her

If you are someone who always wanted to have a tattoo then, this is the best time to get one. A tattoo is a symbol of forever love among couples and so, you can express your love with a permanent mark of your wife to be on you. It would make her feel special.

Be the creative one

Couples these days are creating crazy DIYs for their girlfriends and lovers and it’s a beautiful way to express love to them. You can also show your creative side and make a DIY scrapbook or treasure hunt box or X reasons why I love you and so many more for your bride.

The classic: flowers, chocolates, and teddies

How can we even miss out on the classic gift for old schoolgirls? Yes, you may think it’s a little too cliche but guess what, girls love these things. So, sometimes these cliché gifts are more special than any other gift.

Romantic Love letters

We are old school just like you and so handwritten love letters cannot be excluded from our list. A gift is a way to express your love and make your other half feel special. Well, what better than a handwritten love letter to convey your feelings to your girl?

Engraved Couple watch

Many watch brands are offering couple-watches with beautiful designs and we liked this idea a lot. If your girl loves to wear a watch daily then, it would be a beautiful and thoughtful gift for her. Make sure to show her yours and click a picture with #twinning.

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A gorgeous evening gown

If you are going on a dinner date with your girl then, gifting her an evening gown is what you need to make her day. Pick a beautiful evening gown in your favorite color and take her on a romantic dinner date. Don’t forget to send her flowers along with the dress.

Anything that says ‘Wifey’

Any girl would love to be acknowledged as ‘wifey’ by their husband to be. So, gifting her something that says ‘wifey’ or ‘Mrs. ABC’ is all you need to acknowledge the fact that you are hers and she is yours forever.

Pillow/cushion with your picture

Lastly, the longing phase between engagement and wedding can be hard on your girl and so to make her feel your presence, you can gift her a customized pillow or cushion with her favorite picture of your printed on it.


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