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Tips to plan a Destination Wedding without hiring a wedding planner


Mon Dec 2

A grand destination wedding is a dream of most people around the whole world. And we all know how much does it cost to have that magnificent destination wedding. It is really important to cut out the extra cost if you’re tight on budget, and one of them is hiring a wedding planner. Wedding planners charge a ton. If you are a couple who are comfortable in taking the reins in your hands, then wedding planners are not that necessary. But if you want to be only involved in your wedding and don’t want to stress out much, then going for a wedding planner is the best option you can go for. So, in this, we provide you with the best tips to plan a destination wedding.

Anyway, if you’re really ready to plan your destination wedding yourself, there are many things you can not miss out on. In the end, all the little things and planning are worth the sweat. So we are here to reduce your stress a little bit by giving you some important tips you should keep in mind if you’re going to plan your destination wedding.

Set your budget and priorities:

The first step of a successful execution is knowing what you want and then work for it. It is important to discuss what kind of wedding you want with your to-be spouse and families. And then according to those requirements, it’s necessary to set a budget. Get your priorities straight and work on them beforehand. The biggest chunk of your budget usually goes to photography, decor, and accommodation. So make sure that you get those aspects right. 


Visit and stay at the destination before the wedding:

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Once you finalize the destination you want to get married at, it is advisable to visit the place and if possible, stay there for a while. It’s really important to know the local culture, the prices, the vendors and all the common things you will need in the wedding. Staying at the destination will give you more ideas about the place and you can make local friends who will help you execute the wedding successfully.


Book local vendors:

 If you want to cut the extra cost of accommodation and travel of vendors, it is best that you book local vendors for decorations and catering. The local vendors will know the place better than you. So it will be better to coordinate with them and take their help.


Book your stay and events at one venue:

 When you’re planning a destination wedding, it is not possible to easily transport around the city for your stay and events. And with tons of guests with you, it is highly recommended to book your stay and all the wedding events at one place. This will not only save you the cost of transportation, but it will give you the extra comfort you need during your wedding.

Delegating the duties:

Tips to plan a Destination Wedding

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 It is not possible for the couple to handle everything for the wedding when you have a lot going on already. Doing everything yourself will mess things up at one point and you won’t be able to enjoy your own wedding. So, it’s important to give smaller duties to your friends and family members. Give them a list of their duties and deadlines, so they take it seriously. It’s important to also follow up on them to check if they’re doing it correctly.

Take Help from Online wedding planning portal:

These are various wedding planning portals that provide you free assistance to plan your vendors. One should definitely check SetMyWed, they aim to provide you the best wedding services, including wedding photographers, wedding venues, bridal makeup artists and all wedding services in your own budget.

They don’t charge any commission from their clients.

The less, the better:



Tips to plan a Destination Wedding

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  Including fewer guests at your destination wedding will make it more intimate and better. Invite the people you really have a connection with. This way you’ll be able to enjoy your wedding with the people who are close to you. Plus, a smaller guest list means less tension and more fun!


Minimal decor is the key:

    If you’re planning the decor all by yourself, then it’s better not to go overboard with it. Add some quirky and cute decor elements in your wedding instead of going professional. This will get you the extra compliments on your wedding and you’ll know that your decor duty is safe.

Tips to plan a Destination Wedding


Ask for a discount:

 If you’re booking a hotel or resort for your whole wedding, there are chances that they will give you a bulk discount. If they are not offering it by themselves, it is better to ask for it beforehand. This will give you an extra budget for other stuff at your wedding.


The comfort of guests:

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Depending on what kind of venue you’re opting for, it is important to make sure that you take care of the comfort of your guests. For example, creating a child play area, arranging wheelchairs for the elders and ensuring that there are enough rooms for all your guests. 


Allot rooms and itinerary beforehand:

Tips to plan a Destination Wedding

Make sure that you allow all the rooms to your guests before the wedding. This will help in reducing the chaos when the guests arrive. Also, give the itinerary of all the functions with time and themes (If any) to your guests beforehand. This will clear the confusion and help your guests plan their schedule accordingly.


             We hope we have given you some of the very important and necessary tips to plan your destination wedding all by yourself. 

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