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Top 10 At-Home Wedding Decor Elements to Buy Online


Sat Aug 29

Looking for some epic elements to make your at-home wedding even more special? Well, we have some stunning wedding décor elements to pump up your intimate wedding. We can understand how difficult it must be for you to step out of your house and buy all the home decor props for your wedding. So, here we are helping you out in this difficult situation. If you are planning to host an at-home intimate wedding then, make sure to read this article. We have got you a list of top 10 at-home wedding decor elements you can buy online.

Now, with the advancements in technology, you can shop for wedding décor essentials without having to step out of your house. Moreover, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the big fat Indian weddings have taken a new form of intimate weddings. This can be a little disappointing for the would-be couples. A wedding at home is not really the plan of couples in India and so, we are here to cheer you up. This article has got all the at-home wedding decor elements you can buy online. So, make sure to order your favourite décor essential from our list below.

  • Antique Lanterns for home decor

We have found you an amazing aesthetic element to bring your at-home wedding decor game up. These antique lanterns would light up every corner of your house. We loved the unique and antique look of these beautiful lanterns. Do check them out on the link below.

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  • Flower Vase for Table Decor

Every wedding decor includes some of the most gorgeous table decors. Well, we have got you the best of all. A beautiful flower vase with exotic flowers. These would give your wedding a stunning floral look and add beauty to your at-home wedding.

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  • Indoor Hammock Jhoola

We absolutely love the idea of hammock jhoolas decorated with flowers. A wedding at home is incomplete without a stunning seating for the bride and groom. Well, we found you these cane jhoolas to set up that perfect floral seat for the couple.

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  • Beautiful Door Hanging Torans

Wedding Torans are not easily available online as compared to other decor elements. Well, worry not as we have found you the best place to order the most stunning torans for your wedding online. Check our their collection by visiting the link below.

Buy Here

  • Aesthetic Candle Decor

Beautiful candles can light up any dull place. So, we have found you these stunning candles to add much-needed light to your at-home wedding.

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  • Fairy Lights for Wedding Decor

Fairy lights are one of the most important wedding decor elements. With the ongoing pandemic, you would hardly find good quality fairy lights. So, to make sure your house is all glammed up with lights we have found you a collection of some amazing fairy lights on amazon.

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  • Artificial Floral Hangings

Cannot find a flower vendor nearby to decorate your house? Well, we have got you covered with some of the most stunning artificial floral ladis to complete your at-home wedding decor. Make sure to check out the link below and order your favourite ones now.

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  • Photobooth Props for Epic Pictures

A wedding without photo booth props can miss out on some of the quirkiest wedding pictures. No worries, as these photo booth props would add all the quirk to your wedding pictures.

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  • Dreamcatchers for Stunning Home Decor

Dreamcatchers are not only beautiful but are also believed to be auspicious and catch every bad vibe. These dream catchers are a must-have to game up your at-home wedding decor. Say no to all the bad vibes and yellow to all the positivity with these colourful dream catchers.

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  • Style Your Backdrop with these Rajasthani Umbrellas

Lastly, we have found you these ethnic Rajasthani umbrellas to make your backdrop pop up. We are seeing these Rajasthani umbrellas included in almost all the wedding decor. So, to keep up with the trend, do check out these ethnic umbrellas on the link below.

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