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Top 10 Banarasi Silk Lehenga Designs Perfect for the Millennial Brides


Wed Sep 9

The millennial brides of India are always on the lookout for something light-weight as well as traditional to wear on their wedding. Well, what better than Banarasi silk lehengas to look chic, as well as, ethereal on your special day? So, we are here to help out our millennial brides. Moreover, these top 10 Banarasi silk lehenga designs are perfect for you to take all the inspiration from for the D-Day. We are crushing super hard on these fresh colours of Banarasi lehengas and we think they are perfect for the intimate weddings of 2020. Moreover, these are super light-weight and in trend these days.

In this article, we are presenting you with some of the most beautiful Banarasi silk lehenga designs in existence. Also, we are certain they would steal your heart just like ours. So, if you are a bride looking for some stunning and chic Banarasi silk lehenga designs on the internet then, this article has got all the inspiration for you. Also, from bridal lehengas to casual ones, you can pick any of them to wear at your wedding ceremonies. So, without any further delay let’s move to the gorgeous Banarasi silk lehenga designs we have compiled for you below.

  • A Beautiful Banarasi Silk Lehenga in Fuschia Pink

Fuschia pink is always on our favourite colours list for brides. Well, this lehenga is a perfect fusion of traditional Banarasi motifs with contemporary Fuschia shade. We are definitely in awe of this gorgeous lehenga in Banarasi silk and moreover, a lakeside shot like this is all you need for inspiration. So, check out the gorgeous lehenga below.

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  • An OTD Elephant Print Banarasi Lehenga

Well, this lehenga is definitely, winning the ” Over The Top” category with traditional elephant baraat motifs. These gorgeous prints make this lehenga look royal and traditional too. Also, the vibrant orange shade is winning our hearts and we are in love with this ethereal Banarasi silk lehenga.

  • Oh! So Flary, Banarasi Silk Lehenga

This bride is making our hearts melt while she flaunts her flared Banarasi silk lehenga. The colour of this lehenga is extremely gorgeous and subtle with a light dupatta in the net. Well, we find this a perfect bridal lehenga for your intimate wedding.

  • Something in Our Colour Crush, Tangerine!

Tangerine is our colour crush of the month and we can’t get over the fresh vibes it gives to our brides. We found this gorgeous Banarasi silk lehenga an absolute stunner with contemporary design and chic look. So, if you are a bride who wants to go for something lightweight and chic then, this lehenga is perfect for your inspiration.

  • The Most Stunning Bridal Lehenga in Coral Red

We are already getting the beach wedding vibes from this Banarasi silk lehenga in a coral shade. The traditional print and design on this lehenga are making it look ethereal and subtle with an off-beat blouse to add the unique element to it.

  • An Off-Beat Rani Pink Floral Banarasi Lehenga

An off-beat rani pink Banarasi lehenga with floral motifs is everything you should look for your intimate wedding. We are drooling over the lightness and how flarry this lehenga looks. A perfect floral Banarasi lehenga for your intimate wedding.

  • The Perfect Banarasi Silk Lehenga for Your Haldi

We spotted this gorgeously vibrant Banarasi silk lehenga design giving us extreme haldi outfit vibes. A combination of orange and yellow with the lightness of Banarasi silk is everything you need on your haldi.

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  • The Designer Version Of Banarasi Lehenga with Floral Dupatta

Well, Sabyasachi’s take on Banarasi silk lehengas is having us awestruck. The off-beat lavender and peach shades are adding the contemporary touch to the traditional Banarasi lehengas.

  • The Most Gorgeous Banarsi Silk Wedding Lehenga in Red

Well, we have found you the most gorgeous Banarasi silk lehenga in red ever made. This beautiful red bridal lehenga with minimal work is serving the purpose of intimate wedding outfits perfectly.

  • A Tricolour Banarasi Silk Lehenga for Contemporary Brides

This tricolour Banarasi silk lehenga is giving us major bridal outfit goals. The traditional design with a modern touch of contrast shades so, this lehenga is a perfect fusion bridal lehenga for sure.

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