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Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations for Adventurous Couples


Fri Apr 17

One of the most difficult tasks for a newly-wed couple is to pick one of the best honeymoon destinations of all time. You always want to keep extraordinary and romantic but, there are couples out there who wish to experience adrenaline rush together. The adventure-loving couples are a match made in heaven with their mutual love for adventure in life. We have a saying for the couples who like the thrill which says, “A couple that goes on adventures together, can bear any storm in their lives together”. Well, we are certain you must have related to this saying, if you are an adventure lover as well. We know you must have been to several websites looking for a perfect destination for your honeymoon but, ended up with all the cliche romantic locations. Well, if you are already reading this article then, stay assured that you are going to find your dream honeymoon location here. We have compiled a list of all the astounding locations around the globe for your adventurous souls. So, make sure to read our complete article and pick your favorite breath-taking honeymoon location from our list below.

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries with friendly locals. The majestic lands of New Zealand are blessed with beautiful landscapes and beaches. If you are a couple with an adventurous soul then, New Zealand is your dream honeymoon destination. You can go sky diving in New Zealand and enjoy the view from thousands of feet above the ground level with the love of your life.


Peru is a famous place among adventurers and thrillers. It has a lot in store for both you and your partner. You can go mountain climbing and trekking amidst the beautiful landscapes. You can also book a sky lodge to spend a thrilling yet romantic evening with your loved one.


Alaska in the USA is famous for its hilly mountains with white snow everywhere. Spending your honeymoon in a hill station with a pinch of adventure is all one could ask for. You can go for a ski with your partner amidst the cold and freezing snow mountains in Alaska.


After the movie “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” Spain has become one of the most popular places to visit among couples. Spain offers you numerous adventure activities one of which includes wing-suit diving. It is one of the most thrilling experience to have with your partner and make your adventurous honeymoon even more special.


Iceland is a place for couples to enjoy their private time with thrill. You and your partner can enjoy the intimate moments amidst the lush green landscapes of Iceland. Not just that, you can go horse riding or rock climbing with the love of your life and enjoy the northern lights in the night sky.


Australia is one of the most happening countries with exotic wildlife and beaches. A vacation in Australia with huge spiders is an adventure in itself. Not just that, you can also go for skateboarding or scuba diving with your partner and enjoy a fun and thrilling time at the beautiful beaches of Australia.


Utah is an extraordinary destination to spend your honeymoon with rocky landscapes and picturesque views. If you and your partner love to cycle around then, Utah is the place for you. You can go for bicycling at the Rocky Mountains of Utah and when you reach the top of the mountain and kiss would be a great way to celebrate your love.

Colorado, USA

Colorado in the USA is a place for all the adventure lovers. You can enjoy paragliding with your partner and enjoy the view from the height. Don’t forget to take a lovely selfie with your spouse while flying high in the sky.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful places to spend your honeymoon. You can go to the lush green forests here and enjoy zip-lining in the rain forest of costa rica and enjoy a ride in the owl’s nest with the love of your life.

Mount Kilimanjaro

If you are someone who loves to go camping then, Mount Kilimanjaro is your dream destination to spend your romantic yet adventurous honeymoon with your partner in the camps of Mount Kilimanjaro with a starry night sky above.


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