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Top 10 Products You Must Add in Your Bridal Makeup Trousseau Box


Thu Mar 5

When you are preparing for your wedding, a lot of things have to be taken into consideration. You always want to put your money on the best things in the market. So, you opt for the best clothing, jewelry, footwear, and of course the best makeup products that are available in the market. Setting up a trousseau box for a bride to be is never too easy. From clothes to makeup, everything should be perfect and useful at the same time so that these products can be used after marriage and doesn’t look off-trend as well. Well, we are here to solve your problem regarding finding some of the best products that must be included in your makeup trousseau box. These essential products are going to make your life so simple after marriage as you will have to go on various dinners and need the best of makeup to look your perfect self. So, let’s get started on building your own glamourous makeup trousseau box. Find the list below.

Top 10 Products You Must Add in Your Bridal Makeup Trousseau Box

  1. A matte finish primer

Primer acts as a shield in protecting your makeup from fading. It also helps in keeping your makeup smooth and gives you a perfect and natural finish. So, having a good quality primer that suits your skin shade is necessary to be added to your bridal makeup trousseau box so that you get a long-lasting makeup and natural finish at every party you attend after marriage.

  1. Natural finish foundation

The next step involved in achieving the perfect base if to opt for a foundation that will give you a natural yet picture-perfect finish. It is important to make sure that the foundation you are selecting matches your skin tone to get that even look. So, add your favorite foundation to your makeup trousseau box.


  1. A good coverage concealer

You can get puffy and dark under eyes after all the hectic wedding functions. So, to make sure that you pull off your best look a good coverage concealer is a must to be added in your wedding trousseau box. Concealer not only helps in hiding your blemishes but it also helps in giving that glow to your face.


  1. All-shades eye shadow palette

An eye-shadow palette with all the pretty colors that will go with any outfit is a must to be added in your makeup trousseau box. Make sure to add beautiful color to your eyes using a beautiful eyeshadow palette and rock every party look after marriage.




  1. A glamourous red tone lipstick

Every newly-wed needs a beautiful red tones lipstick in their bridal trousseau box to get that glamourous after marriage look. Nope, a nude lipstick won’t work every time so, you need to add a beautiful matte red tone lipstick that would suit you in your makeup trousseau box.


  1. Highlighter/illuminator to make you shine

You already have a beautiful glow on your face after marriage but to enhance that radiance on your face you need a shimmery highlighter or illuminator to make you outshine on every party and function that you would attend after marriage.


  1. Creamy blush

Blushes are love, they make your cheeks look super pretty and adorable. So, make sure to add your favorite color blush in your makeup trousseau box and also, keep in mind that the blush has a creamy texture to achieve a beautiful finish on the apple of your cheeks.


  1. All about eyes and brows

How can we miss one of the most adorable features in our face? the way you glam up your eyes and brows can define a lot in your look. So make sure to opt for waterproof eyeliner and kohl that would stay long and give your eyes a magnetic look also, add a volumizing mascara to your makeup trousseau to give volume to your lashes and lastly, add a good quality brow pencil to even out your beautiful brows.

  1. Makeup tools and brushes

When it comes to achieving a perfect makeup look, all you need is good quality makeup products that match your skin and makeup brushes that would help you blend your makeup smoothly to give you a natural finish.


  1. Makeup remover

Lastly, you can’t always apply makeup to your face so, you need to take care of your skin as well. A lot of makeup can make your skin dull so make sure to use a makeup remover or cleanser to wipe off all the makeup before you go to sleep to keep your skin healthy.


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