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Top 10 Winter Skincare Essentials for Brides to Say Bye-Bye to Dull & Dry Skin


Tue Nov 17

Winter is here and we are trying to prepare you for it. With the arrival of the winter season, the wedding season has also arrived. Well, we are sure you must be preparing for your winter wedding. All the wedding function outfits are done, right? One thing you might not be ready for this winter season is the dull and dry skin during the chilly weather. Well, if you are residing in a city where winters are not merciful then, this article is important for you. We have a list of top 10 winter skincare essentials for brides that would help you combat with the winter dryness.

Well, every bride wants to look flawless on her special day and we at SetMyWed always try to get the help you achieve that. A skin that lacks moisturisation appears dull and dry. Well, we are here to help you get the radiance and glow on your face. With the winter season comes the patchiness and dryness and to help you combat that we have a list of top 10 winter skincare essentials for brides. So, make sure to check out our complete article and say bye-bye to dull and dry skin by adding these top 10 winter skincare essentials for brides in your skincare regime.

  • A Hydrating Moisturiser

Well, a hydrating moisturiser tops our list of top 10 skincare essentials for brides as it is the most essential skincare product for your skin during winters. A moisturizer is like water for your skin during winters. So, to make sure your skin glows during winters, get yourself a well-hydrating moisturiser.

  • Winter Friendly Body Butter

Just like your face, your body needs moisturisation during winters too. A well-moisturised body is essential to get glowing and crack-free skin during winters. So, to avoid the rashes from furry woollen sweats, add a highly moisturising body butter to your skincare regime.

  • Face Serums to Get that Glow

Face serums help to give you that bridal glow even during winners. Well, serums are used to give better hydration as it reaches into deep layers of your skin. So, if you are a bride-to-be looking for some winter glow then, don’t forget to add a serum to your skincare routine.

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  • Something Super Moisturising for Your Lips

Well, nobody likes to have chappy and dry lips, right? Unfortunately, with the chilly weather comes the dried and chappy lips too. So, by adding a good lip balm with ultra hydration to your skincare regime you can avoid the chappy lips even during coldest days.

  • Hand Cream to Keep Your Hands Soft

Soft hands are as important as soft skin, aren’t they? Well, winters do make your beautiful hands rough and dry so, to make sure your hands are as soft as feathers don’t forget to apply moisturising hand cream.

  • Sleeping Mask for Better Hydration

A sleeping mask for better hydration even on the coldest nights. Sleeping masks work magic and well, the best part is it moisturises your skin while you are sleeping peacefully.

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  • Mists and Toners to Lock the Hydration

Toners and mists help to keep your pores clean and closed. So, to make sure you lock the moisture into your skin use a hydrating toner during winters.

  • Never Forget to Wear a Sunscreen

Well, we are here to burst a myth and that is, “You don’t need to happy sunscreen during winters”. Well, wearing a sunscreen is necessary no matter the season. So, always use a moisturising sunscreen to protect your skin from tanning and UV rays.

  • Hydrating Face Gel for Winters

A soothing and hydrating face gel to get better hydration and glowing skin. Well, this is essential for those who have oily skin and needs a grease-free solution to keep their skin hydrated but oil-free during winters.

  • A Hydrating Facial Kit to Get that Bridal Glow

Lastly, a brie needs all the glow she can get. So, we have a perfect solution for your skin hydration and bridal glow at the same time. All you need is a super hydrating facial kit that would bring you bridal glow too.

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