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Top 20 Punjabi Wedding Songs 2020 to Set the Dance Floor On Fire


Tue Feb 11

An Indian wedding involves so many never-ending rituals and functions. From Mehandi to Baaraat every function and custom is important and fun in its own way. The one thing common in every event is dance especially, sangeet where the bride’s side prepare their best performances and on the other hand, the groom’s side makes sure to perform with full energy to beat the bride’s side. Well, this never-ending sweet rivalry is what makes every wedding ceremony memorable. Especially there is something interesting about Punjabi wedding songs.

No matter what side you are on as we are here to be on your side, you can do hip-hop or breakdance on stage but the song you choose is what matters the most though, you really wouldn’t need to do breakdance, all you need is some grooviest bhangra steps and a rocking Punjabi wedding songs 2020  to make your side win. As we said earlier, we are on your side and therefore, we are here to provide you with a list of some of the most rocking and peppy Punjabi wedding songs that would rock the sangeet night and make it unforgettable for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best song to dance at the wedding from our list below and get ready to rock on the stage.

Illegal weapon

This hit Punjabi number by Jasmine Sandlas and Gary Sandhu is one of the biggest hits of the year and among the most popular choices, and the best part is you can also use the illegal weapon 2.O from street dancer 3D. The beats of this song would surely make everyone go trippy on the dance floor.


Are you in awe of the wedding dance videos of girls dancing on this popular number? Well, it’s your turn to ask your husbands or dads or brothers to get you a new lehenga. And indeed this song is one of the best Punjabi wedding songs 2020.


Lamborghini has set a trend that no other song could set in a very long time. Every party or wedding is incomplete without a performance on Lamborghini, so why not this time you perform on it with a pinch of swag and a pair of aviators.

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Hauli Hauli

Bollywood never misses a chance to remake a hit Punjabi song in their own version and Hauli Hauli is one such hit song you can’t miss to add to your dance performance.

Dil Chori

Dil Chori Sada Hogya from Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety is perfect for a groom to dance for her bride to be.

Morni Banke

Morni Banke from Badhai Ho is one such peppy songs fit for a duet. So Dulha/Dulhan ke bhaiya and bhabi, get ready to groove.

 Sauda Khara Khara: Yes, the evergreen Punjabi wedding song is back!!

Sauda Khara Khara is no doubt a perfect song for a wedding for merely its beats and lyrics as metaphorically speaking, a wedding between two families is nothing less than “Khara Sauda”. Old is gold, this Punjabi song has the best comeback and one of the best Punjabi wedding songs 2020  to dance to.

Laung Gwacha

This high beat peppy number is perfect for Dulhan ki Behen to show off her “laung gwacha”  and take the heart of all the boys on the groom’s side.

 Wakhra swag

Boys never fail to show their swag and prove themselves no less than the bride’s sisters and wakhra swag is made for all the boys in the groom’s side to make sure their swag takes away the heart of all the beautiful girls.


Koka is a fun song that appreciated all the pretty ladies with a nose ring, and the beats of the song would surely make everyone dance along with you.


Gud Naal Ishq Mitha

A perfect family performance song, your aunt, uncle, mom, dad, cousins, and even grandparents can dance on this song to show their love and affection for you at your wedding.

London Thumakda

All the bridesmaid, this song is meant for you to dance on and let the bride feel your excitement about her wedding.

Punjabi wedding song

We search for “Punjabi wedding songs” and then this song appears on top of our search. How come it is not in your performance yet?

Kala Chashma

We all have grooved on this song every now and then and that’s what makes this song special. You can never go off sync as you remember its steps by heart.

Punjabi Wedding Songs

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Proper patola

Yes, every girl at a wedding is the definition of patola. So, why not dance on proper patola?

Jaani Tera Naa

Every mother wants the best for their daughters and its hard for them to like the boy in the first meet. So, this is a perfect song to describe the first groom and mother in law meeting.

Punjabi Wedding Songs


There is no such thing as too many compliments and a girl wants as many “Tareefa” as she can get, hence, a perfect song to appreciate your girl.

Veere di wedding

All the sisters and brothers of the groom this song is meant for you as it’s your “veere di wedding”

Punjabi Wedding Songs


The little ones are no less when it comes to performing at sangeet. So this cute song for all the cutie-pies in the family.

Punjabi Wedding Songs

Pyaar Tenu Karda Gabru

Lastly, a rocking song for our gabru grooms to express his love in a rocking way with some bhangra and a lot of Tashan.

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These are some of the most amazing and evergreen Punjabi wedding songs to set your wedding performance on fire and rule the dancing floor!!

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