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Top 6 Feel-Good Shows on Netflix To Binge-Watch with Your Partner During This Pandemic


Fri Jun 5

In this pandemic the whole globe has come to a pause and staying inside our homes is the only way to save ourselves from getting infected with this deadly virus. A lot of people are staying away from their loved ones while some are lucky enough to get quarantined with their partners. Well, this lockdown has taught us many things and binge-watch is one of them. Netflix is one of the most popular platforms to watch some amazing tv shows and movies. With the arrival of this global pandemic, many people have purchased Netflix membership to pass their times during quarantine.

Well, if you are one of those luckiest people who get to stay home with their partner and have a Netflix account then, your quarantine life is sorted. Binge-watching some marvellous tv shows is your only option to enjoy even in these difficult times. Well, to help you with this, we have a list of all the feel-good shows available on Netflix. You can binge-watch these shows with your partner or family to keep the stress far away and spend this time laughing. So, make sure to read our complete list below.

  • Friends

A 90’s show about 6 friends who instead of hanging out in clubs, hang out in a small cafĂ© called “central perk”. Though it’s a 90’s show you can relate to every character even after decades. Friends being one of the most popular 90’s American sitcom would make you fall in love with every aspect of it. A show with 10 seasons and almost 24 episodes each is everything you need to binge-watch with your partner. So, if you belong to the minority who haven’t yet binged watch friends, now is the perfect time to watch it.

  • The Good Place

Have you ever wondered about the idea of life after death or whether you belong to hell or heaven and who is keeping the record of all your deeds? Well, if yes, then this show is exactly what you need to find the answers to your questions. Eleanor is a girl who has every sin during her life on earth has landed into “The good place” aka “heaven”. Is it a mistake or someone else is behind this conspiracy? Well, you need to binge-watch this light-hearted, feel-good show on Netflix to find that out.

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  • The Big Bang Theory

If you and your partner are nerds and weirdos for life then, this show is made for you. The group of nerds in big bang theory is so weird that it might make you feel less nerdy. The plot revolves around 4 brilliant geeks who have never done or thought about anything but science. Don’t worry it is not boring at all in fact the show is full of sarcastic comments, comedy, and mind-numbingly weirdos. Spoiler alert: you would end up falling in love with the weird guy.

  • Working Moms

Working moms is to appreciate all those women who are a mother, a wife, and an employee as well. This show celebrates womanhood on every aspect and focuses on the lives of three women who have just entered the phase of motherhood and now they have to find a way to manage both work life and home. It is an interesting, feel-good, and an inspiring show for all the ladies out there. Binge watch this show with your partner during this lockdown and you won’t regret it.

  • Rick and Morty

If you and your partner are into science and geeky stuff then, Rick and Morty is the perfect show for you to binge-watch. It is an animated show focusing on a drunk genius grandpa rick and his dumb grandson Morty. This show is full of dark comedy and sarcastic comments and everything weird.

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  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn nine-nine is one of the most hilarious cops show ever. A Brooklyn based detective with genius abilities but immature attitude would take your heart away with his style. So, if you are into detective series but also want it to be funny then, this show is your perfect option to binge-watch during quarantine and enjoy solving cases.

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