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Top 7 Unique Ways to Propose to Your Girlfriend in This Lockdown


Thu May 14

This year has been a true spoiler for all the people around the globe. Be it the businesses or people who had plans to travel around the world or the ones planning to get married, everyone is disappointed with the year 2020. We are sure you must be missing the old IPL matches and roaming around with your friends or going to work. Well, we can only make sure to stay inside and keep ourselves and our family safe. If you are someone whose plans to propose your girlfriend this year are ruined due to this pandemic then, worry not as we are here to help you out.

Well, planning a grant proposal for your girlfriend could be pretty hard to plan given the circumstances of global lockdown. So, we are here to help you propose your girl for marriage without even offending the norms of the lockdown. We can’t promise that it would be a grand proposal but it would surely be one of the most memorable wedding proposals of all. So, make sure to read our complete list of unique ways to propose your girlfriend for marriage. We hope she says ‘yes’.

  1. Ask your friends to put on the proposal hunt

One of the most unique ways in which you can pop the ultimate question to your girl is by including your gang of friends in this romantic gesture. Social media is a blessing for the couples these days and certainly for you too. If your girl is active on any social media platform, be it tik tok or Instagram then, this is your chance to prepare for a treasure hunt wedding proposal for your girl. Ask you, friends, to either post a picture with some hints or make tik tok videos hinting towards the ultimate question. We are certain you will get a yes in response.

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  1. Zoom proposal for your girlfriend

Arranging a zoom meeting for your girl and her family is what you need to propose your girlfriend in one of the most unique ways possible. You can make a PowerPoint presentation or use the screen sharing features of zoom meetings to propose your girlfriend and surprise her with your thoughtful gesture.

 proposal ideas

  1. Teamviewer movie date

If you are missing going on the old school movie dates with your special one then, we have a perfect idea just for you to try out in this lockdown. Plan for an online movie date with your special one with the help of software like TeamViewer and enjoy a movie date with your girl. But, wait you are going to pop the ultimate question too so, why not choose a movie to indicate the pre-planned proposal. Make sure to keep a plan of proposing ready after the movie ends. It would be one of the most beautiful movie dates of your relationship.

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  1. Plan a terrace date

If you are among those luckiest couples who are spending this lockdown together or even nearby each other then, this is going to be an extremely special lockdown proposal for you. all you need to do is bring on your cooking skills to the table and would need some decorating skills too. Cook her favorite meals and set up a romantic terrace date for your special girl and under the twinkling stars and candlelight pop her the question to grow old with you.

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  1. Send a drone to her

If you belong from an engineering background and have the special skills to make a drone or simply, if you own a drone then, no one can stop you from proposing your girlfriend in one of the most romantic ways possible. Send pout your love letter and a ring to your girl with the ultimate question on it.

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  1. Doorstep delivery

Many online delivery companies are providing the doorstep delivery services to their customers and so, you only need to find an online service ready to deliver some flowers and a cake with a message saying “will you marry me?”. Sure, this isn’t a unique way but it’s special during this lockdown.

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  1. Grocery store proposal

Lastly, you can plan a grocery store proposal for your girl if she lives nearby. You can follow the social distancing norms and still propose your girlfriend in the most special ways possible.

proposal ideas

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