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Top bridesmaid outfits for the year 2022


Tue Jan 18

dresses for bridesmaids

The day has finally arrived! The wedding day of your best friend has been set and you’re devoted job as a bridesmaid is set to begin. As a close acquaintance to the bride herself, you need to be always there for her.

Having multiple tasks at hand, it is crucial to dress up in a manner that is both stylish and practical. After all, you are the next best person everyone would want to look at (after the bride, duh).

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There are an infinite number of designs, fabrics, styles, colors to choose the best bridesmaid dress. But out of the ample options, which is the ONE for you?

We are here to ease the unwanted stress for you. Have a look at these creative clothes designed by artisans from various parts of India. Be it traditional ethnic wear with a twist or Indo-western fusion, whatever your choice, let it speak for you.

# The sophisticated diva

dresses for bridesmaids

For all those beautiful yet tough girls, here is a bottle green colored shimmery gown. It sure would have the entire crowd go nuts for your attention.

The dramatic cape is definitely worth the scrutiny as you aren’t any ordinary bridesmaid. A perfect choice for a glamourous engagement or cocktail party, this gown can be easily paired with a sleek ponytail or messy bun too.

# For the busy bee bridesmaid

dresses for bridesmaids

Being a bridesmaid is not a piece of cake. There are so many chores you are solely responsible for with being stunning the whole time.

This elegant dusky green-colored Anarkali can be a tremendous variety of tradition and comfort. You can wear your favorite golden earrings to match up with this outfit.

# The six Drape to the rescue

dresses for bridesmaids

If you are up to wearing these trendy designs of lehengas or gowns, then let’s go down the traditional route.

Sarees have always showcased the vivid language of tradition. There is no other way to can show much you want to meet up with the Indian theme of the wedding. Floral organza sarees are becoming a trend these days. Blending this look with statement jewelry pieces can never be underrated.

# Bright like a diamond

dresses for bridesmaids

Yellow color is often seen as a haldi outfit hue as it matches well with the occasion. But we are all here to encounter exquisite changes in the big fat wedding system. So to all the bold bridesmaids who want to inculcate healthy transformations, this luminous lehenga is just for you.

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# Get enlightened by the ancient goddesses

dresses for bridesmaids

A rusty shaded lehenga is rare to be seen these days. It is beautifully modeled with artistic flower motifs that fit perfectly in the naturally crushed silky skirt.

The plunging neckline of the blouse is an ongoing fad. This lehenga can certainly make any bridesmaid dance the night away with her grand twirls.

# The laid back lady

dresses for bridesmaids

dresses for bridesmaids

dresses for bridesmaids

Indian weddings do require the necessary amount of drama in every procession. How about adding a little bit of this performance work in our outfits.

The mauve lehengas have a clear attitude on their own, with their one-shouldered sleeve and broad ruffled skirt. Overall, the backless blouse and the cute puff on the other sleeve are good screenplays.  overall.

The silvery outcome of the lehenga is a result of fascinating sharp details that are not a child’s play to design. The efforts put to make each of these pieces so worth every ounce of glory and praise.

These outfits can be worn for a day event where the sun and the sky will also not fail to take notice of your elegance!

# The metallic consequence of fashion

dresses for bridesmaids

Dark blue color has a royal perspective for everyone who flaunts it with gratification. The silvery effect that is oozing out of this cocktail gown is the luxe factor of the dress.

You can wear a sleek bun and don an attractive choker for the cultural portion.

# The evergreen sharara sets for the minimal bridesmaid


dresses for bridesmaids

dresses for bridesmaids

How lovely would it be if all the bridesmaids of the bride including her sisters were to flaunt a variant shaded sharara set? This particular outfit shouts out comfort and easiness. That is why this is a recommended dress for wedding guests too.

You can never go wrong with an ancient type of clothing. Finish this look with a simple bun and your favorite flowers.

# Elegance at its peak

dresses for bridesmaids

Managing a saree can be difficult at times, but with the right kind of drapes and delicacy, it is fun to handle it. A Banarasi saree is often worn by brides, but it can always be interchanged with the maid of honor too.

The bride and her bestie or sister wearing the same kind of outfit can be a delightful memory for all.

And that’s a wrap…

So these are some of the awesome bridesmaid clothes that are happening at the moment. Do not forget to get unforgettable portraits of yourself with the bride as a keepsake. Let us know what you think about our exclusive collection.


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