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Top Destinations for Dreamy Honeymoon in India


Sun Mar 31

The honeymoon is awaited by everyone. Every couple dream various places to make their honeymoon remembered and best. Couples start searching for their honeymoon from months before to get their dream honeymoon destinations.

Every couple strives to have their dream honeymoon destinations in the budget. And many people desire to have their dream honeymoon destinations in India.

honeymoon destination

Honeymoon preparations and researches start from months and still, the couples don’t get the place they wish and desire for. So we have brought some incredible dream honeymoon destinations.

It’s the most frequently asked question that where to have your dream honeymoon destinations. So we have the name of some beautiful places for you to have your dream honeymoon.

Sizzling goa: –

Goa is a place which has love in the air. From bachelors to married couples every couple or single person strives to go to goa once in their life. So why not have this place as your dream honeymoon destination.

Goa beach sides are very

famous across the world. And

beaches carry love in its waves.


Tip: – gift your wife a pearl necklace and propose her on your knees and in front of the sea beach. That can be an amazing moment of her life.

Your love will live again when you hold the hands of your partner and walk against the beach.


Goa has a lot of places to go and hang out. From casinos to delicious restaurants. You can arrange any kind of date with your couple in Goa. These things will be the best memories of life and you can also have some stories to narrate them about your beautiful dates and love in Goa.

Royal Jaipur and Udaipur: –

destination wedding

The royal feeling will only come in Jaipur and Udaipur. The palaces their mesmerize every singer’s heart. You will enjoy your royal honeymoon in palaces just like king and queen.

The royal palaces and Rajasthani food are popular across the world. And the walls of palaces have love crafted on them.

pre wedding shoot in udaipur

Tip: – arrange a royal date for your partner and amaze them with your love. Propose your partner in a beautiful palace and capture these beautiful moments.

Walk in palaces with your life partner hand in hand and feel that love you desired from teenage.

rajasthani wedding theme

Not only palaces Jaipur and Udaipur have many other places to hang out with your life partner. Go and enjoy the incredible flavor of Rajasthani food. Go and visit some Rajasthani cultural dances.

God’s grace in Shimla: –

honeymoon in shimla

Shimla the house of mountains and love. Beautiful mountains will mesmerize your dream honeymoon. Shimla is not only a hill station but a beautiful and peaceful place to flow your love.

Beautiful hills of Shimla is not only popular in our country but across the globe also. The mountains will take you to heights of love.

Tip: – arrange a bonfire night and camp on the mountains of Shimla for your life partner. Propose them by shouting their name from hills and listen to the resonance.

Your love will brighten up in the bonfire night. And will mesmerize your heart with the beauty of the hills.

Shimla has many places to visit and hang out with your life partner. You can plan this place as your dream honeymoon destination and will not be able to forget about this place for its beauty.

Heaven on earth – Jammu, and Kashmir

jammu and kashmir honeymoon destination

Jammu and Kashmir are known as the paradise of earth. The beauty and peace of Jammu and Kashmir will blow your mind and will capture your soul in its beauty. Beautiful lakes and hills are all you need to have your dream honeymoon destination.

Jammu and Kashmir beauty is talked about all over the world and everyone’s dream is to experience it’s a beauty one day in their life.


Tip: – arrange a surprise date on shikaras at dal lake. Propose your life partner present them something beautiful and memorable and just float in the lake of your love.

Beautiful place with the person you love, the person who will share your life and will always be with you is everyone needs for.


Jammu and Kashmir have places to visit and hang out with your partner. And don’t forget to taste the Kashmiri food. Its incredible flavors will blow your mind. Just feel the love in the paradise of earth.

Mesmerizing Kerala: –

kerala honeymoon

Kerala is known for its palm-lined beaches and backwaters. Kerala is a very peaceful and perfect place for you to have your dream honeymoon destination. Kerala and its beauty are very adoring.

The beauty of Kerala is praised by everyone across the country and around the world.


Tip: – arrange a date at any place because Kerala has every small thing excellently beautiful.

Having your love at this peaceful and beautiful place is everyone’s desire. Let your love spread.

kerala honeymoon

Kerala has many places to hang out and make memories with your life partner. I can assure you that you can never forget this experience until your life and will also plan more vacations at this place with family and friends.

So what next?

Pack up your bags and have your dream honeymoon among these places or you can have your honeymoons at all the above-mentioned places.

These are marvelous places to have your best honeymoon.

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