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#Trending: 20+ Best Floral Bridal Jewellery Designs to Check Out for Your Mehndi


Wed Mar 3

Well, when it comes to bridal jewellery there isn’t really just one kind. We have seen and admired so many brides looking nothing less than a princess at their mehndi or haldi in gorgeous floral jewellery. The trend of wearing floral bridal jewellery at mehndi is not so old and well, it’s still alive for its astounding looks. So, to make sure you pick the best floral bridal jewellery designs at your mehndi, we have got a list of handpicked floral bridal jewellery designs for you. Also, we have picked super unique floral bridal jewellery designs for both traditional and millennial brides. So, make sure to check out the complete article and take all your floral bridal jewellery inspiration now.

Best Floral Bridal Jewellery Designs

Feet And Hand Floral Jewellery Design for The Brides

Well, if you are looking for gorgeous hathphool and feet floral jewellery then, we have a perfect inspiration for you. We are in complete awe of this vibrant yellow floral jewellery perfect for both the haldi and mehndi ceremony.

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Gorgeous White And Red Floral Garlands Perfect for Your Mehndi

Looking for some astonishing real flower floral bridal jewellery designs? Well, this one is one of our favourites for its beautiful red and white garlands.

OTT Floral Bridal Jewellery With Adorable Floral Nath

Oh so adorable! Well, brides if you want to go for an over the top look then, we have found you just the perfect floral bridal jewellery designs. Also, we loved the floral naths as an add-on to get that extraordinary look.

Something Super Simple Yet Astounding for The Millenial Brides

Well, we have seen brides opting for simple and elegant floral jewellery for their mehndi. So, here we have a perfect inspiration for the millennial brides with some beautiful red roses as floral jewellery or a tiara to get that contemporary bridal look.

Well, Isn’t This The Cutest Floral Bridal Jewellery Ever?

Niti Taylor looked super adorable at her wedding festivities and well, she is giving us major floral jewellery goals at her mehndi ceremony.

How About A Tiara Instead of A Floral Mang Teeka?

Well, if you want a unique look for your floral jewellery then, ditch that mang teeka and opt for a floral tiara for that astonishing bridal look. Check out the images below for reference.

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We Are In Awe of The Floral Baaju Bandh On These Brides

Add a floral baaju bandh to your floral bridal jewellery and well, we are sure you would love the complete look. Also, don’t forget to look at the pictures below for inspiration.

Something Unique in Neons With Mirror Embellishments And A Choker

Well, if you are planning to wear something in neon with vibrant shades then, we have found you just the perfect floral bridal jewellery design for you. Also, the mirror embellishments are so adorable that we just can’t get over them.

Beautiful Floral Bridal Jewellery Designs With Floral Kaleeras

We are in love with these floral bridal jewellery sets with floral kaleeras on these brides. Also, let us know which look you like more the tiara one or the one with mang teeka?

Extraordinarily Beautiful Floral Garlands for Your Bridal Jewellery

These adorable brides are giving us major retro vibes with their heavy floral bridal jewellery designs. Well, we are super astonished by the whole look and the floral garlands on hair is like the cherry on top.

We Are Swooning Over These Floral Bridal Jewellery Designs

Well, these floral jeweller designs are perfect for you if you wish to keep it subtle yet appealing. Check out the images below for your floral bridal jewellery inspiration.

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