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Trending Mehndi Designs For Your Occasions to Wedding


Wed May 8

Mehndi designs not only give an aesthetic appeal to your hands rather it is an emotion that embraces the beauty of your hands. Mehndi designs vary from girls to women. Everyone has a different choice and love for mehndi designs. Some like to have full coverage mehndi designs rather some want simple and elegant mehndi designs. You have a vast range of mehndi designs that differ from festivities to events and weddings. We have separate mehndi designs for each and every event. Let’s explore the list of trending mehndi designs.

mehndi designs

The love for mehndi is for decades. Mehndi is a necessary part of every wedding of any religion. And we celebrate it as an important event for the wedding. Mehndi is also vital for many of the festivals and rituals after the wedding. We all are addicted to the beautiful designs and the aromatic fragrance of the mehndi.

So let’s discuss some of the trending mehndi designs. And for your ease let’s divide the mehndi designs into some small categories.

1.  Mehndi Designs For Festivities

 For Eid

As the Ramadan has knocked our doors to shower God’s blessings. We all are preparing for our fasting. And really waiting for Eid to arrive soon. Eid comes with great happiness after the completion of a one-month fasting by Muslims. And Eid for girls is incomplete without having beautiful mehndi on your hands.

mehndi designs for eid

 For Diwali And Karvachauth

Diwali is waited by every Hindu. And in this festival of light, we pray and ask goddess Lakshmi to shower her blessings on us and on our families. And before Diwali, we celebrate Karvachauth that is a full woman-oriented festival. Every married woman fasts for the whole day for the long life of their husbands. So we don’t miss out to have mehndi on our hands on these two major and favorite festivals.

So let’s look at some trending mehndi designs for Diwali and Karvachauth.

mehndi design for diwali

2. Mehndi designs for weddings

Mehndi Designs For Brides

Brides are incomplete without mehndi on their hands. And every bride strives to have the best mehndi designs for their wedding. Every bride tries to find out the unique and innovative bridal mehndi designs. And it is also said that darker the color of mehndi signifies more the husband is going to love her. So the bridal mehndi should be the most adoring mehndi designs among all.

So let’s check out some of the most adoring trending designs for brides to be.

bridal mehndi


Mehndi Designs For College Girls And Minimalist Girls

These simple and elegant mehndi designs are specially designed for minimalist girls. And for all those who love the simple looking design with not so much of floral patterns. As many girls don’t like heavy-looking mehndi design and hesitate for having mehndi on their hands. So don’t get worried I have some simple looking and equally adoring trending mehndi designs.

mehndi for college girls

Mehndi Designs In Jewellery Formats

These beautiful mehndi designs are meant to be a part of my favorite designs. The designs cover your hands and complete the necessity of jewelry without jewelry. So just leave all heavy jewelry and complete your adornment with mehndi designs.

mehndi designs

Mehndi Designs On Palms

The beautiful floral mehndi design on just between the palm looks very adoring, simple, elegant and graceful. If you are in a hurry and just want a small design on your hands so just go for this mehndi design. This design will really embrace the beauty of your hands.

mehndi designs


3. Embracing mehndi designs for legs

Mehndi Designs For Legs

Mehndi not only beautifies your hands, but it also embraces your legs. The majority of the brides have mehndi on their legs. Or the married women have mehndi on their legs. And these mehndi takes little time more than we use the time to apply mehndi on hands. Because this mehndi design has a vast variety of scope and covers the whole leg from toe to below the knees.

mehndi design for legs

4. Mehndi Designs To Embrace Your Fingers

These days we are too busy with our work. And so we don’t get time to sit straight for half an hour and apply mehndi on our hands. So to save ourselves from this. We have created some new simple and easy designs for every girl who can choose and opt for this for themselves. Just crafting beautiful mehndi on your fingers. A brilliant idea with satisfying every need.

So let’s have a look at this beautiful design.

mehndi designs for eid

mehndi designs

5. Mehndi Designs As Tattoos

Mehndi’s scope is not just limited until weddings and festivities. We have a mehndi tattoo artist as well. We can apply mehndi on anywhere on our hand. And now this has resulted in having mehndi as tattoos. On your shoulder, arms, or anywhere it really looks embracing. And this the simplest formula to save yourself from painful tattoos procedure. And mehndi removes on it own and doesn’t cause you pain. So you can have this new and trending mehndi tattoo on your arms, shoulder, neck, ankle or wherever you desire for.

So let’s have some spotlight on the beautiful mehndi tattoo.

mehndi designs as tatto

6. Very Popular Single Bel Mehndi Design

Bel designs are very popular among every woman. Single bel design is inspired and inherited from Arabic mehndi design. And has now become very popular across the country. The beautiful Arabic bel mehndi doesn’t take much time to accomplish and looks equally beautiful and graceful. If you don’t want to have a mehndi which covers your full hand then you can simply choose this Arabic bel mehndi design.

mehndi design

Trending Mehndi Designs

7. Mehndi Bel For Side Part Of Your Hands

In a hurry?  Have a shortage of time at your friends’ wedding and your best friend wants you to have a small and simple mehndi design on your hand then you can choose this mehndi design. This mehndi design is very simple and graceful. And the floral pattern makes it look more adoring. It only covers your side palm and the small finger of your hand. It doesn’t take much time to attain and by having this simple and graceful mehndi design you will also make your best friend happy.

mehndi design

8. Mehndi Designs For Back Hands

The most aesthetic mehndi design is the mehndi design for the backside of the hand. These simple and sober designs add a graceful look to your hands. And these designs are very easy to accomplish. And takes less time. The simple and elegant floral design looks very adoring. And these designs are loved by minimalist girls and brides. These mehndi designs fit every occasion.


mehndi design

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Trending Mehndi Designs

9. Glitter mehndi designs

Add some glitter and sparkle to your mehndi. Make it look more gorgeous and attractive. It will really embrace the beauty of your hands. The different sparkle adds shine to your hands. It will also make your mehndi look stunning and different. We all have always applied the same mehndi lets something new and different and let’s live in the magic of glittering mehndi. Of course, it’s unique and looks great on your beautiful hands.

glitter mehndi

Trending Mehndi Designs

10. Mehndi Designs With Two Colors

Mehndi with maroon and black color or with red and maroon color. The combination of two colors adds grace to your hands. And also gives your hand a stunning look. This type of mehndi is adored by everyone. And looks extremely very beautiful. You can choose which color combination you want to have. And also you can choose how and which outlining you want from which color.

mehndi designs

So what are you thinking now?  I have given you a full year schedule try every single mehndi design and make your hands look super beautiful and attractive. You can have every type of mehndi on different occasions, events, festivities, and weddings.

I have covered every design of mehndi with every shade of mehndi. So just enjoy your mehndi and have these designs and thank me later. You have a large diversity of mehndi designs that you can use for a whole year.

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