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Ultimate Fitness Advice for All the Brides and Grooms #Quarantine101


Wed May 27

OMG! Your wedding date is coming closer and you have got all that quarantine weight to lose. It can be a little depressing if you still haven’t achieved the desired shape to look splendid on your special day. You must be super anxious right now about it. Oh! Well, please calm down all your anxiety and stress as no matter what shape you are in right now, you are surely going to rock on your wedding day with just one thing and that is a beautiful smile on your face with lots of love for your partner in your eyes. Well, we have special fitness advice for you and your partner too.

We know you are still stressed about getting in shape before your wedding well, we are here to take all your stress away. You must have heard a lot of advice from relatives, family members and friends to follow this diet, or join that gym, we are not going to tell you that rather we have a different and unique fitness regime just for you which will be fun and easy to follow too. So, make sure to read out the complete article to look at the fittest version of yourself on your special day. Keep reading to know more.

  • Drink lots and lots of water!

The first step in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to keep yourself hydrated and what can be better than water to make sure that you stay hydrated all day long. It is recommended to have at least 2 litres of water every day, but if you are looking for getting in shape then, you need to go a slight extra mile with 3 litres of water a day. This will make sure that all the toxins in your body are excreted out and it also keeps your skin clear and shiny without having to follow any skincare routine.

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  • Go for morning and evening walks

We are not asking you to join a gym to get into shape for your wedding instead you can simply go for a 30 mins morning and 30 minutes evening walks every day. Now, this is the simplest and fun way to get back in shape. Wanna know why? Well, you get to talk over the phone with your soon to be a partner in life while walking and who knows, a 30-minute walk becomes a 1 or 2 hours walk instead. Not just you, but it will make sure that your partner stays in shape too.

  • Dance your heart out

Well, your wedding is just a month away, you must be preparing for your performance on the sangeet to get all the steps right. So, all we are saying is to practice your performance every day and lose weight. Dancing is one of the most fun ways to get into shape and this will make sure that you rock your sangeet performance too. So, keep dancing and achieve your desired shape.

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  • Have green tea or green coffee after every meal

Green tea, green coffee or any other herbal tea are a great source of anti-oxidants that makes sure you stay hydrated, regulates your weight, and keeps you healthy. So, make sure to buy the best flavour of your favourite herbal drink and have a cup of warm tea after every meal of your day and guess what, it also cures your headache and helps in releasing stress from your body in the form of toxins.

  • Cut your sugar intake

Sugar can be your worst enemy at times especially when your wedding is near. It is necessary to control your sugar intake even if you have a sweet tooth as it will not only result in sudden weight gain but, also ruins your skin. So, try to avoid any carbonated drink or having too many sweets for a month before your wedding to stay fit and healthy.

  • Have warm lemon water empty stomach

Having a glass of warm water infused with lemon in the morning makes sure that you release all the toxins from your body when you wake up. You can also opt for a glass of warm water mixed with honey and cinnamon but, warm lemon water would also do the trick for you.

  • Laugh a lot

Lastly, it’s your wedding and you should make sure that you spend every day before your special day with lots of laughter and happiness rather than stressing out. It is not only important for your mental health but, laughter is also considered as an exercise according to science, it can be pretty effective for you to get in shape. It also keeps anxiety and stress away from you. So, keep laughing and we hope you achieve your desired shape.

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