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The Ultimate Cruise Wedding Guide – Amazing and Dreamy!


Sat May 27

Guide For An Amazing Cruise Wedding
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Cruise weddings, as extravagant as they sound, they are that adventurous and romantic too. It will leave you both with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Sailing in the waters with the water all around, all amazing songs being played by the deck, as you sip on your drinks and relax with your better half – nothing can be as perfect as this, isn’t it?

A big thanks to the fantastic private sand locales, significantly cheaper costs, and the pristine beauty of the ocean- voyage marriages are have much further fashionability these days. still, planning a voyage marriage isn’t that easy as it sounds. It needs proper knowledge, exploration and veritably well prosecution!

And that’s exactly where we come in. Here is The Ultimate Cruise Wedding Guide – Amazing and Dreamy! Come, let’s plan it together…

Where To Get Married In The Cruise:

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Understand that your marriage will be considered legal only when you plan it within your country. This clearly means the form won’t be legal while you’re sailing in the open swell. So, having it onboard at your home harborage before the voyage cruises is a good idea. You can also plan your marriage at another harborage or choose a private sand which lies along the voyage’s listed route. Opt for one of these spots:

1. On an open deck with sea views.

2. An open porch with 360-degree space for the guests.

Legal Requirements:

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One of the biggest issues while planning voyage marriages is to make sure you have a captain onboard who could certify and will be suitable to officiate your marriage. Be sure to do your exploration, talk to a trip agent who specializes in voyage marriages, and apply for licenses in advance.

Don’t forget to research international laws and navigate through foreign government rules depending as per your location. Those need to be followed by any means!

Ideal Duration For The Cruise Wedding:

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Generally, ship cruises ranges from:

1. 3 – 6 Nights

2. 7 Nights

3. 8 – 13 Nights

4. 14+ Nights

So, if you are planning a cruise wedding, your choice of the stay should be as per the genre of your wedding. If it is an intimate wedding, 3-6 nights is the perfect and vice versa!

Timeline of Planning The Cruise Wedding:

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Make sure you bespeak the voyage beforehand to avoid a vended- out sailing or redundant vacation surcharges as voyage marriages are important in rage. Plan your marriage on a voyage at least 9 months in advance taking into account the stylish seasons to sail. Make sure you talk to your trip expert to plan the voyage marriage during the suitable months.

Once the dates are finalized, inform the same to your guests as soon as possible. This will allow them adequate time to plan their time off from work, manage family schedules, etc.

What Cruise Line You Should Pick:

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Since cruise lines like Royal Caribbean (00 1 305-341-0204), Carnival ((800) 764-7419), or Princess (1-800-774-6237) host weddings on cruises and have full departments dedicated to group travel, it is wise to opt for them. However, you can discuss about this with your wedding planner/ travel agent to fix it up!

Average Cost Of A Cruise Wedding:

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Planning a cruise wedding is cheaper than planning a wedding on land. An average cost of planning a cruise wedding is INR 7-8 Lacs whereas an average on ground wedding costs around INR 25-30 Lacs. A cruise wedding is a great option for the budget-conscious couple.

Pro Tip: Weather is generally unpredictable. And, no matter how organized you are, sometimes during bad weather conditions, cruise ships may not stop at your preferred ports. So, if you are planning to get married at a port of call, you must a plan B.

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